Thursday, December 30, 2010

Animal Testing Update

Hey guys.  I want to share something with you.  Take a look:
I went to and clicked on the "Contact Us" link.

I selected the "product related question" option in the drop-down box.

This sends you to a sort of "chat room" with a "virtual beauty advisor".

I ask my question...

Out pops this answer.
Here's their policy: LINK

If the document link didn't show up: Here's the underlining point: "L'Oréal has been committed to the elimination of animal testing for more than 20 years. In 1989, the company ceased animal testing for safety assessment of its finished products." ~Animal Testing Policy

Maybelline also states that they use a synthetic material called Episkin.  Which acts like human skin for testing.  Something like that. 

Annd, yeah.  So there's proof for one company.

Well, I gotta go do some editing.


And tell me what you guys think. ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I hate you; I hate you; I hate you!

ARGHHHH! You're so irritating!

Have you guys heard of QWOP?

Here, take a look: LINK

Easy, right?

Basically, you're trying to get this runner to run 100 meters.

Wanna try it? HERE:

Did you do it?

Well, whether you did or didn't here are some other videos of QWOP:

Warning: there is strong language!

This video makes it look easy. . .

This video made me laugh! (This is how I ran btw.)

This video made me laugh harder!

The best part is that after every fail it says "Everyone's a winner."



Did you notice how doubtful the introduction info sounded? 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!
I love you all.  Thanks for a terrific year!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starting A Tradition

I'm listening to Glee! "Start me up! Livin' on a prayer! Tommy use to work on the docks!"

Okay, so the whole reason I'm posting right now is to get some submissions in for my first annual Best and Worst of The Year! Basically, it's what I think was the best and worst of anything that happened in this year. 

But then I thought, why not make this two-sided?

So, hear is what I'm asking.  Would you like to participate?

Here are the categories:
  • Musician
  • Books
  • Movie
  • Songs
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Show
It all had to happen or have been made in 2010.

IMPORTANT: If you'd like to participate, then you must email me your submission. That way you won't sway the other participants. Oh, if you would just give me a short explanation of why or why not you didn't like that particular submission.

Okay that's it.  If you want my email, it's  :)  All submissions are due the 31st.

Please, check out the poll. :D


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Songs Playlist

Would you like to add to the playlist?

Post a comment below with the title of the song you want added to the Christmas playlist (with or w/o the singer's name) and I'll add it on.
Well, I'm sick.  Just wonderful. And it would happen right around the holidays.  It's freaking fantastic. xP
I have yet to see Glee's Christmas episode.  Don't tell me what happens.  I'll do it over the break.
Saw a play last night called The Odd Couple (female version).  Really funny.  Here's a quote:
Olive: I found a note laying on my pillow.  It said: "We need more corn flakes. FU" It took me 10 whole minutes to realize that "FU" meant "Florance Ungar"!

That made me lol.

Well, bye guys.  Don't forget to comment and vote!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Hoodie Buddie

I was not paid to review this product. This is my personal and original review.

Hola everyone. Are you ready for another Ally-Cat Review?

Here we go!
So you might be wondering.  Hmm, why is that girl putting the draw strings of her amazying Betty White hoodie in her ears?
Well, buddie, I got the answer! She's listening to music!

Yeeaaaah! What we've all been waiting for.  To own a hoodie and listen to music at the same time!

But then you might say: But I can do that with my plain old hoodie...
Yesh, but don't you ever run into the problem with the microphone wire hanging off your face and in your way or getting tangled up?

Well, I guess. But then I just--
Okay, okay.  Enough, smarty.  Geez..
What They Say:
"Using patent-pending HB3Technology™, the HoodieBuddie contains a standard headphone jack in the front pocket that plugs into any headphone-compatible device, like an mp3 player, iPod or iPhone, or other mobile device.

Once plugged into the device of your choice, the audio travels through embedded cables within the HoodieBuddie to the headphones, which are built in to the ends of the drawstrings. The HoodieBuddie's drawstring earphones are always available, free of Tanglitis and sound great with rich, full sound.

Best of all, the entire Hoodie is machine washable (even the headphones).

Plug in to your HoodieBuddie wherever you go—at the gym, on your way to work or on the plane. Your headphones are always ready to rock and tangle-free because they're built in."~Hoodie Buddie Online

What I Say:
  1. Hands free
    1. I used it during snow shoveling. Since the mic's wire is actually in the hoodie I can move around with ease.
  2. Decent sound
    1. Let's say sound quality is not like your iPod earphones.  When I first used them the sound sounded far away.  Not as crisp and loud as expected. But hey? It's still a cool contraption.
  3. Comfort
    1. The ear buds are rubbery. And I'm not saying that in a bad way.  They're actually really comfortable and it's almost like they aren't even there. 
    2. The hoodie itself is nice too.  (Heck, I used it to shovel snow in 20 degree weather didn't I?) It has that really nice fuzzy fiber feel to it.  Um, the zipper is tough to use on mine, I don't know if that an all around product dysfunction or what...
  4. Durability
    1. To be honest, I'm not too sure.  If you want my opinion, I'd say it's not going to last too long compared to a regular hoodie.  This goes especially to the wire. I think that over time, depending how much it's worn/used and washed, the wire will wear and start getting messed up.  I don't care what the manufacture says, any electrical item that gets thrown in with the tighty-whities are going to start to malfunction in due time.
  5. Money
    1. Around here I think the price was $25.  I got mine at JcPenneys. But they sell these at Walmart and K-mart. I'm sorry. I don't know how much it is internationally. :/
Things To Know:
  • They come in two versions: zip up and pull over
  • Tanglitis- You guys don't what that is? ...You didn't read it did you? You just went "OMG what is Tanglitis?!"  Haha.  Read it.  No. Out loud.  Yesh, I'm serious. Right now! ... ... ... See? Get it? Ooh, silly gullible you. :D
  • Comes in various colors and decor. 
  • Important! These things run small.  (I bought a medium. and it just barely fits.)
    • If you're planning to buy one online: check the size requirements.  (Size requirements are online.) When at the store, just try it on. 
  • Totally washable. Remember to read the washing and drying instructions. :) [No dryer at all. Just hang to dry.]
  • They do ship internationally. d(^.^)
  • More questions? Check out their FAQ.
The Final Verdict?
Pretty cool, I just wish they didn't make the sizes so small. -_-

Their Website!
Have anymore questions? Ask on Formspring or in the comments below.
Btw, Welcome Bleah Briann to That's What She Said!


Check out the poll. :D

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things I'm Recently Obsessed With

It snowed even more last night.  HOT CHOCOLATE TIME! *laughs*

Btw, I'm not being paid to 'advertise' or 'promote' this stuff. These are my personal opinions and likings.

Songs I'm Obsessed With:
  1. Gonna Get Over You -Sara Bareilles
  2. Uncharted -Sara Bareilles
  3. Dark Fantasy -Kanye West
  4. All The Lights -Kanye West
  5. Runaway -Kanye West
Movies I'm Obsessed With:
  1. I Am Number Four Trailer
  2. Tron: Legacy
  3. Little Fockers Trailer
Books [IWishIHadTimeToBe] Obsessed With:
  1. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
  2. Legacy of lies/don’t tell by Elizabeth Chandler
  3. The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima
  4. Don’t Judge a girl By her cover by Ally Carter
  5. Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters
  6. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
  7. Maximum Ride: FANG by James patterson
  8. Hourglass by Claudia Grey
  9. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  10. Perchance to dream by Lisa Mantchev
  11. Radiant shadows by Melissa Marr
  12. Halo by Alexandra Adornette
  13. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire
  14. Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter
  15. Dark Secrets 1 by Elizabeth Chandlier
  16. Dark Secrets 2 by Elizabeth Chandlier
  17. Unwind by Neal Shusterman
  18. Stopping Time by Melissa Marr
Make Up I'm Obsessed With:
  1. Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Set
  2. Flaunt Smokescreen Eyeshadow Set
Clothes I'm Obsessed With:
  1. Dark Jeans
  2. Comfy Sweaters
  3. Boots with fake fur
  4. colored tees
  5. zip up hoodies
NEXT UP: Hoodie Buddie Review!


Thursday, December 9, 2010


Mean's paint in Spanish.  (FUN FACT!) See? So many wonderful things on this 'lovely' blog. ;)

I painted my nails today.  Hands are purple, and toes are blue.  I looooove purple.  Use to like pink, but now I hate it.  Or maybe dislike it strongly.  Yeah. That's it. ;)

You curious about the kind of colors I have?

My fav's
I always wear these colors.  (left to right) Gunmetal, dark purple, shimmery dark blue.  :)

Formal wear or when bored.
When I'm feeling lazy, I french tip my nails.   Had this stick for years. Surprised it' hasn't run out...

Formal wear only.
This color, pearl white, is what I wear for formal affairs like parties and dances.

Barely ever use these.  Ever.  I don't know why I have some of them.  Like the Bratz one at the end.  I use the red ones sometimes though, but they're not my favorite. :P

The essentials
I use the growth polish when my nails are extremely bad--meaning chipped severely or 'stubby'.  I usually use the clear as a top coat. 

So what did you guys think of my story?  I didn't post the whole chapter 'cause I want to post this story on DA.  Oh, and about that secret.  What did you think of that? Check out the poll!


Thanks for all the comments yesterday. Much appreciated! :D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Sweet honeysuckle! I made it.  I thought this day would never come. :D

Have you ever since my first post? It's quite humiliating.  LINK
Geez, look at how armature and naive I was.  Haha.  Nah, I'm kidding.  I was just really excited.  To be honest, I think some of my best posts were in the 2009 because I was so fresh with ideas and words.

Did you see the poll? Well, sadly, only one person voted and that was for option C: a secret.

I knew it. :/

Okay are you ready?

Are you on the edge of you're seat?

Here's my secret: I--

Hey, relax.  I'll totally give it to you by the end of this.  Don't throw tomatoes yet! >.<

So I'm doing it: I'm commiting myself.  Beauty's Eden in the flesh, my friends! No joke or delay this time!

You’re entering another world. A world like yours..only slightly different. A place were one company is known worldwide and is only called by two word. 6 syllables. 14 letters. The Association. All powerful. All knowing. A company with one secret. And with that, we start our story…

The Target

“Ugh, I hate this.” I muttered to myself as I parked my 1985 Yugo GV. Crappiest piece of junk I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. The friggin’ handle came off as I tried to open the door this morning! It took 5 tries until I finally got the darn car to start. And it still can’t make it past 80 mph. The a/c doesn’t working, and the windows wouldn’t role down. So for two hours I was stuck driving in what seemed to be a 4-wheeled sauna.

“Ew,” I groaned as looked at my caramel colored blouse drenched in sweat. Sighing, I reach to the back seat and snatched my black duffle bag to get my back up blouse out. I looked around, making sure that no one was around to see me undress. Coast is clear. I quickly changed, threw my dirty blouse into my bag and then threw it back to the backseat.

I grabbed my water bottle, though it was warm, I took a few large gulps and then set it back in the cup holder. I reached for my assignment file. I took a glance at it one last time—I had read it on the plane ride here—and figured that it wouldn’t be so hard. Of course, I’ve never had a target like this one before, but my friends back at home told me the basics on the target’s type so I was confident I could take this one down without a problem.

I grabbed my cell. I made sure my keys and ID were in my pocket, and that my papers were all in order before locking up the car and heading toward the garage’s elevator. I’m not too thrilled that my assignment is in a hospital, but hey, a job’s a job.

The elevator dinged, signaling that it was on the first floor. I had to think up an excuse for my lateness. It was that entire car’s fault! And from there I continued to spout curses upon my rental under my breath until I came to the front desk. There sat a pretty African American woman with dark ringlets that were pushed back with a pink head band. She had a large nose and bright blue eyes. And, as hospitals go, she was wearing the normal blue scrubs.

“Hi, I’m Tasha. What can I do for you?” She asked with a practiced polite tone.

“Yeah, hi. I’m Dr. Kendra Henson. Sorry I’m late. There was an accident on the highway. I’m here to shadow a friend of mine.”

“Oh, yes its fine. Uh, is your friend’s name. . .”She typed a few keys into her computer and continued, “Dr. Gretchen Feymouth?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yes, she’s the one.”

“What’s so funny?” questioned Tasha. She gave me a skeptical look.

“Oh, nothing.” I smiled reassuringly.

“Humph,” Tasha huffed. She gave me that watch it Look.

Getting impatient, I asked, “May I go now?”

“Yes, of course. I just need your papers and medical ID.” I handed her both. “Thanks.”

A few clicks on the computer and a quick scan of my papers and ID and I was ready to go. I took the ID with me.

The hospital wasn’t too shabby. It was actually a pretty fancy hospital compared to others I’ve seen. The lobbies had beautiful marble flooring with high ceilings and a lot of windows. The halls were a deep blue-green color instead of white like you see in most hospitals. Also, it wasn’t freezing cold. Brownie points from me.

After wandering the halls for a few minutes, I realized that I had no clue where the heck I was going. Oh yeah, my professional skills of undercoveriness was soo showing right now. Ah Damn, where’s the directory?! There I turned the corner and luckily, spotted some elevators with a directory sign next to them. I quickly walked over to it and scanned for the transfusions department. Shoot, it’s not here. I looked around for a doctor or a nurse that I could talk to. There I saw that a woman nurse with blonde hair standing by the nurses’ station looking over some papers on her clipboard.

“Excuse me, Nurse!” I exclaimed. She looked up at me as I approached her.

“Yes?” She asked.

I faked a smile, “I’m so sorry, I’m a visiting doctor from Denver so I don’t know the layout of this hospital. Do you know where the blood transfusions are done here?”

“Oh! Transfusions are done upstairs on level 3.”

“Thanks. Sorry for the bother.” I turned around and started for the elevators.

“Ah, Doctor,” the nurse called, making me turn around, “if you don’t mind me asking, why do you need to know where the blood transfusions are being done?”

Actually, I do mind. “Uh, well, I’m assisting Dr. Feymouth today and she asked me to get a bag of AB positive for testing.”

“Interesting,” she continued, “so I’m guessing you know this doctor personally?”

“Yes, we met in camp a couple years back and ever since we’ve kept in touch.” It wasn’t an entire lie. I have met ‘Gretchen’—her real name is Veronica Bell—a couple times when I came to visit. We actually did meet each other at a training camp when I was 15. She use to be a sweet talkative girl who would always volunteer for the combat training and undercover classes. Now she is a very energetic 20 year old woman. She specifically likes to help out with assignments. If she hadn’t turned out to be what she is, I bet that she would have done acting. Heck, she has the looks and the talent.

“That’s nice. I’m sorry to question you like that. You know, we‘ve been having a lot of missing blood donations in the last few weeks. I have to be on guard.” She said apologetically.

“Oh, yeah, I understand. Just doing your job! Well, see ya!” I said. I waved and walked to the elevators. To be honest, I knew exactly what was going on with the blood donations. That was why I was sent here. The Association had taken notice of a lot of “activity” here in Phoenix, Arizona. I have to say, it takes a lot of “activity” to capture the Associations attention. Usually, they let this stuff slide just because there is so much of it; it’s something you overlook after a while. However, this kind of incident wasn’t strategically planned out. Instead of taking the blood from different hospitals at bits of a time, the target kept stealing from the same hospital two or three times a week. The Association did not like this; they feared that the local police would start an investigation, which would cause a whole bunch of trouble for "people like us"--as the Association had put it. The Association figured it’d be better to send one of their best agents to take care of it. (Also, I begged them to give me something to do besides sitting at home waiting for my next pay check from them, watching old reruns of Roseanne.)

I walked onto the elevator. A doctor and an intern passed me as I got on, talking about some new technique to get rid of lung tumors. A few seconds later the elevator doors closed, leaving me alone. I sighed. I hate elevators. I don’t like how I can’t see where I’m going. Also, the gut-lifting feeling made me feel queasy. Oh, and the shows with the elevator pit falling into the ground are also, not helpful.

I jumped when I heard my cell go off. Shoot, if this is Denny, I’m going to kill him. I looked at the caller ID: Oops, not Denny. “Hello?”

The secretary of the Association, Ms. Nagabee, answered with her creepy monotonous voice, “How’s the assignment coming along? We expected a call a half an hour earlier.”

Okaaay, I guess the traditional “Hi, how are you?” has officially gone out the window. “Uh, well, my rental is a piece of crap. And there were uh, other complications. . . “I trailed off.

“Oh?” She asked in a false surprised tone then she got serious, “Ms. Cooper, saying ‘my rental is a piece of crap’ is not a valid excuse to be late for an assignment. Tell me what the other ‘complications’ were.”

I sighed irritably. “Fine. I didn’t know how to use the hotel’s alarm clock so I accidentally set it an hour or two later than it was suppose to. ” I inhaled a deep breath, readying myself for the oncoming lecture. I squeezed my eyes shut; I did not like this mix: elevator and lecture.

“Why do you look so anxious?” I could sense she was smiling at my discomfort. I opened one eye to look at the elevator’s security camera. Of course, they’re spying on me. Even though I’m the best in my district, I’m still young. They’re just dying to see me trip up.

I smirked. “Oh Ms. Nagabee, when am I ever nervous?” I asked playfully.

I heard a deep sigh. “Goodbye, Ms. Cooper.”

“Adios.” I said cheerfully. Yes! I got out of the lecture! Though, no doubt I'll get some crap from it when I get back home, but who cares?! Ha, take that Karma! The elevator dinged and before the doors opened up

I winked up at the camera, knowing fully well that I was being watched.
So here's my secret: I sing.  Whoa, mama! That feels odd to say..err..write, I mean. And I don't do anything professional here.  Unless you call singing in the shower a pro thing.  Anyways,  I've never sang to anyone except to a particular friend who sorta forced me to.  Oh and also on Beatles Rock Band. :)  That's it.  I don't plan on truly pursuing this--maybe take some lessons if I get the money or the time--;it just one of those things. 

Am I any good? My friend said so, but hey, it's a friend. What are they suppose to say?
Wow that was really big for me.  Actually all of this is really big for me.  It's great feeling to make it through a year. OMG!
I totally forgot until just now: Jessica, welcome to That's What She Said!

Thanks to all who made this blog a success.  Time to go celebrate.  See ya!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Found A Way To Let You In

Hey, guys.  Have you noticed?  *cough*lookabove*cough*

YEA! Tomorrow is That's What She Said birthday. One years old.  *sniff* My baby's growing up so fast.  >.<

So what to expect tomorrow? Well, of course, a post, but with a few surprises! Like a possible sneak peek at a story I'm working on--its been due for a while-- Beauty's Eden.  I have a chapter done.  But you know, I'm really slow.  Hopefully with Christmas break coming up,  I can some more stuff done.  I have lots of ideas and I want to get started on them.  Oh and maybe a secrets gonna be revealed, who knows. . . ;D Check out the poll!

What do you think of polls? Like or dislike?
Why am I asking this? I'm thinking about doing more polls on here.  I feel like I lacking because I've become a bit obsessed with DA. (Any suggestions?)

Be on the look out for a review post.  Again, slacking in that department--that and the news.  What will the review be about? *drumroll* HOODIE BUDDIES! :D
What are Hoodie Buddies?
Did I just hear you right?
Okay...They're hoodies with headphones in them so that you can plug in your iPod in it.  (I'm actually using mine right now!)
Wait, how is that possible?
You shall find out in a later post! Man, you ask too many questions...


Ohmygosh! I'm soo elated! Hehe.  Yay.  Check it out: LINK *Runs off excited*


Sorry for the clutter at the top.  It'll be cleaned up soon.  Promise. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey, Guess What?

It snowed.


My Playlist

Hey everyone.  Sorry for not posting any Glee.  Time slipped right through my hands.  :(  Anyways, here we go. What everyone loves: lists!

What's on my playlist?

Born for this- Paramore --Fav song eva! I'm serious.  I've listened to this song about 100x. No joke.

I Don't Wanna Be In Love- Good Charlotte--Self-exclamatory.

That's What You Get- Paramore--This song is soo true.  Never let you're heart overcome your senses, it can be quite dangerous.

Playing God- Paramore-- "If god's the game that you're playin', well we must get more acquainted. Because it has to be so lonely, to be the only one who's holy."

Here (In Your Arms)- Hellogoodbye-- Sweet lyrics, sweet tune: I love it. :)

Love, Save The Empty- Erin McCarley--We all fall sometimes, whether we want to or not.

Unbreakable- Fireflight-- A friend introduced me to this song; loved it ever since.

Who I Am- Nick Jonas & The Administration-- Great lyrics.  Go Nick!

Won't Go Home Without You- Maroon 5--Maroon 5 is AWESOME! I love their songs. :)

Saving Grace- The Maine-- They've matured so much in this album; one of the best songs by them!

Bottle It Up- Sara Bareilles-- She has such a sweet, beautiful voice. *so jealous*

Club Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta)- Flo Rida--Heard it once, stuck it my head for days.

All You Need Is Love- The Beatles (DUH)--Really? Do I have to explain why I love this song?

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen-- Actually not on my iPod, but I love singing "Mamaaaaa! Just kill the man!"

I'm sorry there are no links, you guys.  I'm crunching on time here. Cya later!


{EDITED--haha made time for the hyperlinks. :)  }

Friday, November 26, 2010

JJ Thorne On "The Price Is Right"!

HOLY CROW! I just spotted JJ Thorne from the former band NLT on The Price Is Right show. I'm not jokin'.  He's in the second row, second to last seat, by the stairs up the the stage.  DUDE! I'm so amazing! It's incredible 'cause I use to have this huge crush on the guy for like a year and a half.  He's sooo adorable. Wait, here as a picture:
(Hey look! It's Kevin McHale from Glee! *both former NLT members)

OMG! I'm freaking out.  BEST EPISODE EVER!

Laterz, I'll post a my imput of Glee and Parenthood.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day, America!

So what is Thanksgiving? Let me tell you what the old folks call it: "It's a wonderful time where the whole family gets together and shares a magical meal and give thanks for being with one another." Okay, maybe they don't say 'magical', but you get my point right? It's not the same anymore.  Due to this economic downfall we're in--and these stupid department stores who are open today with "fantastic deals"--people have to work to make money for their family, even if that means having to miss out on spending time with them.  It's really terrible how desperate and shallow America has gotten. 

But whatever, it's Thanksgiving.  Time for those truly in thanks to celebrate what God has given us: food to eat, a house to call home, and a family we can love.

Here's my thanks:

Thank you, firstly, for the love of God.  Though, some days I may have my doubts, I know that in the end I can look to you for help.

Thank you, followers: Addie, Ninja_Lover, Deidre Natáe, Gabrielle, Beca, ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊, Mizz Ali, Pandora, Roxy, Selina Phillips, shivi_the_sheep, BB. Thanks for you loyalty and kindness.  I really haven't been on my A game lately, but some of you followed or continued to follow me anyway.  I couldn't ask for a better group of followers. Thank you.
-Also thank you to those who regularly comment.  I truly appreciate it and make an effort to comment on your blog as well.

Thank you Hannah and Lauren (Jen too! I don't know if you still read or not, but just in case.) You've been so supportive and helpful these last month.
Hannah--OMG if I didn't have you I'd be totally lost on DA.  Thank you! <3
Lauren--Who could ask for a more true friend than you!  Thanks for listening to me and giving me feedback on my art.  Lylas!
Jen--Thanks for inviting me to that Halloween thing, that was totally fun. (I had creepy dreams of Michael Meyers..) I still have some Halloween candy left, and no, you may not have some. xP



Something to get into the mood of Thanksgiving--LINK, LINK

Listening to Kanye's new CD! It. Is. AWESOME!

Oh, and please don't forget to comment on He's Just A Dreamer. I need all the help I can get on the subject.  ):

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He's Just A Dreamer

Goal of today: Make a better post than yesterday.

I don't know why, but when I read over my previous post it bothered me real badly. I think I'm losing my touch.  And that scares me.  I want to be a better blogger.  So from now on I will do my hardest to make nicely formed posts. d(^.^)
Oh boy.  You guys are going to love this.  I'm having guy troubles again.  Not the same guy from before--we are actually friends now--,but someone different.  Let me start from the beginning:

So about a month ago, I went to the amusement park with a bunch of my friends at last minute.  My friend Tom* invited one of his friends that most of us had never met before.  We'll call this friend Sid.  While waiting in one of the long lines,  Sid and I started talking.  During our conversations, we realized that we had a lot in common.  So the whole time we would flirt and talk and it was going great.  I kept thinking: Wow, this guy is really cool.  I've gotten really lucky.  My friends agreed.  And we went on having a great time.  But towards the end,  I had this odd feeling.  Like I sort of indirectly knew Sid.  I kept trying to figure out how.  And when the night was over, while heading home, I realized how I knew him.  He had dated a good friend of mine, Wendy*.  All the sudden I felt terrible.  I felt like I had betrayed her by flirting with Sid.  After that I couldn't get it out of my mind. The guilt was piling up with every thought of Sid. 

The next day, I'm sitting on my bed doing some work when I get a text from Tom.  Tom and I texted each other for a while until he finally asks if I like Sid.  I say sorta and explain to him that I don't want to take it further due to his connection with Wendy (Girl Code).  He said he understood.  A few seconds later, I get a text from Sid.  I tell him in a lengthy text about the situation and that I want to stay loyal to Wendy, but would love to just be friends.  I was relieved to find that he understood and agreed.  (Later, I texted Wendy and told her everything.  She said it was fine.)

Weeks went by, and I was getting unsure. We had been texting each other everyday--more like he was texting me--, and I was getting uneasy. He was very obvious that he liked me.  That didn't bother me too much, 'cause of course I liked him too.  What was so uncomfortable was that he was asking me all these dating questions.  For example, we decided to play 20 questions.  I kept asking get-to-you questions, like "How many brothers and sisters do you have?" or "Any pets?" He would ask me stuff like: "What kind of guy are you looking for?" and "Hug, kiss, or hold hands?" I finally had to tell him to knock it off and backed down and we went on to more comfortable subjects. 

At this point I was starting to get a change in heart.  No longer was he that sweet funny guy; he was getting to be an creep.  I was getting reluctant to text him back more and more.  He'd ask me every week if I'd like to go somewhere with him and our friends.  I was grateful--and still am--that I was literally socially packed.

I wanted to tell Tom, but I felt like I'd make him upset that I don't like his friend--they were friends longer than we were.  So I decided to keep it to myself.

Two weeks later, on a Saturday, I was reading a book when I get a text message... Sid.  Great.  We talk for a little.  Then, it happened.  He asks me to go to a dance with him.  I'm really pissed. I feel like he had completely disregarded what I told him that I just wanted to keep it at friend level and he just asked me on a date. Fuming, I text back: "U kno y i cant."  Moments later: "We'd jst go as friends. :)" I pause.  Could that work.  The first word that pops in my head says "no".  And I know it's true.  It may be a frate, but to me it'll feel like at date.  I call up Wendy and I tell her what's happened. She remains calm--unlike me--and says if I want to go, then go.  I tell her that I'm unsure and explain what has happened over the past two weeks.  This is when she sounds a bit concerned.  "From what it sounds like, it seems that he wants to be more that friends." Duh! I ask, "What should I do?" Wendy: "Well if you go just know, he's going to try to get you to be his girlfriend." Knew it. "Okaay..." Wendy: "What are you going to do?" Me: "I-i don't think I can do it."

I texted Sid back and said, "You kno I can't. Im sry." Sid: "Evn as friends? It's not a date." Me: "It'd still feel like one. I'm sry."  Sid: "uh thats okay. ttyl. bye." And that was the last I heard from him. Err, that's what I thought.

He texted me recently, asking for forgiveness.  And, foolish me, forgave him--but warned him that I'm still POed and that he's walking on thin ice.  Now he texts me every once a while, but here's the problem: I still can't .. trust him? Moreover, I don't want to ever talk to him, see him, ever.  Well, that's how I feel anyway.  So what should I do? Should I keep texting him? Or ignore him?

[Btw, Tom knows everything.  I told him.  He said that he'd talk to Sid--this was before Sid apologized. I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe that's why he apologized.  Hmm.]
*not real name

Exclusive picture!
Still needs to be penned and labeled.  :) Will be on DA soon.


If you have more to say about the matter, please email me:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Glee: Is Sue Getting Married?

Finally! I caught up! I loved Gwyneth Paltrow! I hope she comes back.

Uhh, what's been going on with the show? I mean, really.  The plot has seriously gotten complicated.  It didn't bother me as much last year, but this year it's gone down Wackyville.

Okay really? Brittney and Arty? NO! What happened to Arty and Tina? Argh!

And let me get this straight: Is Sue Sylvester getting married? Please tell me.  O.o

Well my symptoms made a turn for the worst.  I felt awful this morning.  My mouth was swollen again and my teeth were ringing with pain.  Ugh.  I never want to have to do this again.

I've posted my first story chapter on DA. Check it out!

Part 1

Part 2

Okay sorry, this post sucked.  I'll try better next time.



Thursday, November 18, 2010

150th Post (The Outspoken Blog Award) [EDITED]


The Beatles are on iTunes! YAY! I'm extremely happy.  I've been waiting for this day for years!
Let's give a moment of gratitude to Apple Inc. and the magnificant band.

Okay, moving on now...

All you really need is love. That's what I've learned over this past week.  Grams funeral wasn't as difficult as Gramps, but maybe I'm stronger. Back when Grandpa died, I was numb. I didn't wrap my head around it. But at the funeral, I kept thinking "this is the last time I'll ever see him in this life" and went on thinking of memories we created.  This time around I kept the sedimentals out. I know that may sound terrible, but it was either that or bawl and I had to be strong for the family since they were all in tears or were on the verge of it. I got through it, the buriel ground is always hard to take though. And then again, I think of that day I found out that my grandpa died.  It was the day after my first post on this blog. I had no followers at the time and so basically I was blogging to no one.  There was no one saying sweet and kind things to me and making the pain a little less unbearable.  This time around I had the support of some great followers who really helped this griefing process go faster.  So I want to say thanks to those who showed concern and helped me through this. *From Me To You!*

Tomorrow is the day I get my wisdom teeth out.  All four of them.  I'm super scared.  Not just the needle, but of my Dad. I think he's going to bring a video camera when he picks me up and I'm afraid I'm going to say stupid stuff like "Is this the real world?" or "ARRRGHHHAAAAAH!". Lord, help me!

So who won "The Outspoken Blog Award"? Well [there was] one participate. Uh, sorta. And well, I checked her link and it didn't really lead me to a regular blog.  It moreover led me to a food recipe blog.  Sorry hun, I didn't see anything that went with the requirements of this award.
So now, I have to decide from my followers.  Which one filled these credits?

-You have to have at least 3-5 blog posts that have topics you either strongly oppose or strongly like
-You must create and post them before my 150th!
- They must be at least a paragraph long, including why you like or dislike that topic, what you would do about it, etc.

The winner of the award is:


(ЯANdOM ЯAWR has permission to take this picture and place it on her blog.)

The reason why I chose RR was because she met the requirements!
[Congrats RR! Sorry for the very badly edited blog post. Bad job on my part. (I might have fallen asleep half way through the creating of this post..haha my bad.) ]

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

See You Again

My grandmother passed tonight at 9:10 pm. I want to thank all who commented with support and the nice thoughts. I APPRECIATE ALL YOUR PRAYERS.
Thanks everyone. Have a great day!
Lots of love.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting The Ball Rolling...

I need to start practicing my writing skills. I feel so amateur when I know I can do better if I put my heart into it.  What caused this motivation? Well due to unexpected yet frightening events, I'm very excited to show my teacher just how capable I can be at being an artist/writer.
So expect more art and writing on here and on DA (The writing would be more on DA than here, though.  Sorry.)

Also, I've noticed that I've got off track from my true goal of this blog: to answer those unique questions that other sites don't answer or don't have.  I'm so excited and happy that I get about 3 or 4 responses each post.  And I would like to encourage you to ask anything that is on your mind and that you won't mind me answering either by comment post or blog post. 

I'm currently working on making an email address, but I have a formspring. (There's a widget at the right if you'd like to ask a question!) and DA account (though anyone w/o a log-in can't post a comment. ).

[EDITED--Contact's list is to the right, right before the Formspring widget!]

Oh, and I just got news today that my Gram is back in the hospital. Her heart just couldn't stay strong and so she has to get help from the docs again.  I'm really scared for her.  My dad says she sounds like she lacks the motivation to live.
Guys, I need all the help I can get for this.  I appreciated your prayers before please help me out now. x(
I love you all.

Good luck, live strong.


Friday, November 5, 2010

My Response

Hey everyone.  Well, my week just went by very peachy.  I failed my test.  I felt like many people were either pissed or annoyed with me.  I think the only person I was able to talk to was Lauren.
Gosh, when will this stress stop?  Seriously, I'm been getting terrible headaches and I keep wanting to fall asleep.  I'm like a walking zombie!

So above you can see that ЯANdOM ЯAWR commented on my latest post. Here's my response: My grandma is in okay condition. She's back at home now with an oxygen tank.  I think it really helped taking her to the hospital and getting her looked at.  We think that she's been suffering with this for a while, but never told anyone because she doesn't like to worry people.  I love Grandma, but I wish she wouldn't do that. I don't want to have to lose another family member again in such a small time span from my grandpa's death.
Secondly, I like DA. I think they could pick a better background color. (I mean grey? Seriously? It's boring!) I've thought of Flickr, but I like doing my scanning because of the clean picture.  If DA fails on me again, I'll check it out.  I know Hannah uploads beautiful photographs on DA.  I could ask her how she upload hers for you if you want? Here's her site:

Thanks RR.

Also, thanks to all who commented: RR, Deidre, and Daphne. I really appreciate all your kind words about my grandma.  Thanks you guys; I love you all!

Oh and Welcome Ninja_Lover! I love ninjas! :)

Here are some quotes that I really liked from Deidre's Blog:
  • "Close your eyes. Clear your heart. Let it go." -- I hold on to things too soon and too long.  I wish I could just let it go.
  • "You live and let live and eventually that becomes enough." --I feel like I get too involved with other people's problems, either out of concern or involuntarily get sucked into it. I wish I had a backbone and say, "No, I don't need your drama."
  • "A woman's heart should be so lost in God, that a man must seek Him in order to find her." --I wish girls would stop throwing themselves out to men just to feel wanted and love.  There is a better way, it's The Way.  God's way.  The right guy will see this love in you and he'll be the one wanting you.
  • "I think the worst feeling is being forgotten about by someone you know you could never forget." --I hate it when I run into someone who I thought I knew well and they act like they don't know you.
  • "I can take the despair, it's hope I can't stand." --I'm thinking about putting this quote in a story I'm working on; I think that it'd be perfect.
  • "Freedom lies in being bold!" --Ha, I wish I could be bold.
  • "Stand for what you believe in, even if you're standing alone."
  • "Be better than you were yesterday."
  • "Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at." --This is so true. xP
This one is my favorite: "When life hands you lemons, screw lemonade, squeeze them in someones eyes and run like hell!"

Keep up the good work Deidre!
You guys like the new background?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Long To DA?

Which is suppose to be drawn like "The Starry Night".

Look familiar? Maybe it's because it's based off my mountain picture from my small sketchbook. LINK
What do you think?

Well, my Grandma's in the hospital.  Part of her heart is in bad condition.  Things aren't going well.  I'm very worried.

Please keep her in your prayers.

I'm so tired.  It's so bad I'm starting to drink energy drinks.  I never do that unless I'm falling asleep too much throughout the day.  This bad.

Oh, and more lovely news. I'm going to get my wisdom teeth taken out on Nov. 19. Omg NEEDLES!

So I'm thinking about deactivating my Deviantart account. Why? Because I'm pretty sure that it messed with my connection with the Internet.  Something about turning off my "processor"? Anyways, I can't be getting on sites that mess with my computer like that.  I have more important and immediate concerns to be worried about.  Plus, I have this site, and it doesn't give me any problems. Soo. Yeah.  *sigh* I don't know exactly what to do.  I really do like DA, and I like promoting my art.  .  . Hmm.

I'm going to test it out.  See if it happens again. I know how to fix it now so if it does do it again I'll can just flip a switch and fix it.  Sorry, Hannah. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!


The contest for "The Outspoken Blog" is almost coming to a close....Who will win?

Welcome Deidre to That's What She Said! Hope you have a fantastic time on my blog! Don't forget to comment! :D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Welcome Addie!  Thanks for being my 10th follower! :D


Happy Halloween!
May candy fill your soul with happiness!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Review

(3 1/2 /5)
*Thump* *Thump* *THUMP* .... *BOOM!*

When we hear that sound we all know what that means. Somebody's playing leap frog upstairs again...

No, but really.  Everyone knows that those are the sounds of the demon's next target. 

Let me just say that I never saw the first one.  To be honest, I heard way to many bad things coming from people who had seen it that I was like "no way in hell." So I skipped out. However, this time around, due to special circumstances, I went with a group of friends.

Visual Effects: were pretty good.  I mean, for slamming doors and invisible forces go.  Let's just say it doesn't look too fake.

Plot: Uh, see this a problem for me since I really didn't see PA1.  Though, I did read the plot summary on Wikipedia so its helpful.  Without giving to much away here is an outline of PA2: "After experiencing what they think are a series of "break-ins", a family sets up security cameras around their home, only to realize that the events unfolding before them are more sinister than they seem. " ~IMDb  It's really slow in the beginning; they'd hype you up for something big and then nothing would happen.  So that got really annoying.  There's a few surprises and a lot more is explained like: where Katie is and why she became possessed.
Also, the trailers are kinda misleading.  Many of the scenes they show in the trailers are not in the actual movie.

Characters: I think they did fine.  They really didn't have any lines to follow anyways, since it's usually improvised.  They did a swell job.  Very realistic and believable.

Do I recommend this movie? Hm, not for those who are easily scared--and you know who you are.  I'd say sure, as long as your going with friends.  I found it a lot more fun when I had my buddies to joke around with; it made the mood a lot lighter.  (Though, some people couldn't shut up, so I missed some of the movie because of it.  *cough*Lauren*cough*)
It was a good scary movie.  I was shaking a bit afterwards, and every tiny noise would set off my nerves.  What made it so scary was that it felt like it could happen.  Unlike zombie and creepy creature movies, you know those aren't really and so it makes it less believable.  But the way the movie was like a home video type of thing and all the stuff where you could exactly see the demon was just freaky. 

So yeah, go enjoy yourself.  I'm thinking about drawing a parody and putting it up on DA. What do you think?

Anyways. If you're looking for spoilers, here's a link of me and Hannah talking about it on my journal page.  LINK


If you have any questions, post a comment or ask on formspring.

What can you notice in the picture that looks strange. (Hint: look at the mirror.)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exclusive Pictures

Lauren helped me get some coloring combos done on the leave project.  The second picture is a partically finished picture called Reminiscence.  It's somewhat finished now and is up on my art site. LINK

Thank you for all the lovely commenting on my last post. You guys are my support.  And even though I'm expanding my horizons.  This is my home. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I finally made the time to make an account. I named myself: HumbledByKindness! Perfect, right?

Anyways, I'm back in the groove now.  I'm going to start doing more art and writing.  This DeviantArt is really addicting.  Geez.  So much to learn...

I was going to post a picture of my leave design, but Blogger disabled image uploads so I'll try to post it tomorrow.

I want to make a special thanks to Heather, who is making me an avatar for my DA account. Thanks, pal. :)


Some things I want to add, is my first picture which I think I posted: the mountain tops.


What do you think?


Friday, October 15, 2010

To Lauren

One day, I was sitting at my computer writing a new post and I thought about how my day went.  I remember how I had so much fun with my friends that evening.  I also remembered how luckyl I was to have such a great BFF, Lauren, who always backs me up and understands my views and thoughts.  I may tease her way more than I do with others (besides Hannah, haha, I tease her a lot!) but to be honest Lauren is my bestest buddy and I don't think would have been the person I am today if we hadn't be such close friends. This post is dedicated for you, Lauren!

I think in this world,
I'd be a very lonely and reclusive person.
I'd walk in silence,
and never look someone directly in the eye just because I was intimidated.
I wouldn't have the confidence and somewhat outgoing personality if I didn't have someone to encourage me to break my shell.

I don't know where it started.
Was in an instant bond?
I like to think so.
March buddy, you're the best friend anyone could have!
I know that sounds cliche, but it's totally true.
I really can't imagine myself having such fun and so many great memories.

I want you to know that you are not "fat".
I can't understand why you keep thinking like that.
You're so pretty!
And don't you dare say your dumb either.
And talk about talented.
You have everything everyone envies...

So this is a thank you.
There are many words to describe
how grateful I am to have a funtastic person to call my best friend.
If I had one, I'd wear a button saying "hey guess what? My BFF is Lauren! So take that, punk!"
Thank you!
Thank for being you!
For confiding in me and I to you.
Thanks for all the help you gave me.
Thanks for the snacks you bought us today!
I consider you a sister.
I love ya, March buddy!

Live strong...


Monday, October 11, 2010

Miley Cyrus: Who Owns My Heart Music Video Controversy

If you haven't seen the video yet, take a look on YouTube. LINK

*NOTE: I didn't have time to edit. So pardon any grammar/spelling errors!*
Lovely, isn't it?

I mean, let's compare her to Taylor Momsen.

Taylor Momsen (17)
-good girl gone bad
-formed her own band
-auditioned for the role Hannah Montana
-is a series regular on Gossip Girl
-is the face of Madonna's new fashion line "Material Girl"
Miley Cyrus (17)
-good girl who can't seem to get bad right
-best know for her role on Hannah Montana
-has a mild heart condition called tachycardia
-daughter of country singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus
-step-sister of Trace Cyrus (Metro Station)
-dated celebrities: Nick Jonas & Justin Gaston
MC's Controversies
-December 2007: Sharing of licorice w/ friend on MySpace
-April 2008: Underwear and swimsuit pic. leaked after hacked
-April 2008: when @ 15, posed for topless photoshoot for Vanity Fair (wrapped in bedsheet)
-2009 TCA: "Party in the USA" pole dance w/ provocative clothing
-Dating Gaston: 5 years her senior
-Photo displaying her and friends making "slanted-eyes" (supposedly making fun of Asians)
-Youtube: Miley & Mandy show parody of Demi and Selina show

TM's Controversies
-provocative attair
-"bad girl" attitude
-heavy eyeliner

That's really all I could come up with. I used Wiki., but there wasn't any "controversies" list for TM. Soo I made up my own for hear say and observation.
Also, Miley as apologized for most of these accusations.
I want to point something out here. MC signed with Disney. And anyone who knows Disney, they are very strict with what their signed actors/singers do, go, and say, because of their young viewer audience. It's pretty well known that if you're part of Disney then you have to keep a pretty good rap sheet, even if the contract is up or not. TM was never signed up with Disney giving her the 'freedom' to be a 'teenager'. She isn't as harshly criticized as say Selina Golmez if she like would strip in public (SG has never done that btw! Don't start a rumor! I'm only making a point.) Even if TM's actions and words aren't a very good influence, there really aren't 6 year olds watching her ever step.
Okay to the point. Miley really is taking a plung. I mean, I'm pretty sure her show is done now and basically her contract with Disney is up, but that leaves millions of fans still idolizing her and follow her on Youtube and the Facebook. I just think that she should think about those little fans who have looked up to her since the beginning and are now seeing her in this Gaga/ke$ha get-up and wonder if that's how they should be like when they're a teenager.
Oh, and also, the lyrics suck. So unoriginal. :P


Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 Homecoming 101: The Look

Well, as promised I'm going to give you a 101 of do and don't for looking great at this year's homecoming. 
*NOTE: This mostly for girls, but I'll throw in some guy stuff too.  ;)*

For the girls!

  • think formal.  Just don't go with something that looks casual, like a sun dress.  I suggest dresses with embellishment or lace are good.  Long or short, doesn't matter too much.  Though, keep in mind: we want to look beautiful not *ahem* "cheap".
  • wear primer with your makeup and finishing powder.  It'll last longer.
  • bring oil sheets or matte powder.  You're going to sweaty!
  • keep make up simple! No bright blue eyeshadow! Keep it natural. :)
  • make sure the dress fits snuggly but not skin tight.  Girls, I can't say it enough. It's painful to see you buy a dress that is a size small just to look "skinny".  I'm telling you right now, if a guy saw you in a skin tight dress he'd more than likely to say "ew, that looks terrible" than "Wow, she looks stunning."
    • Sorry, the truth hurts, and you should know better. Remember to love your body! Don't resist it.
  • change up your hairstyle.  I think the wavy half up do is a lovely look for this year.  If you're looking for a change here is a look: LINK 
    • If you have curly hair change it to straight. Straight hair? Change it to curly.  This is the time to look amazing and show what wonderful qualities you can show.
  • pick comfortable shoes. Don't torture yourself all night, keep the heel at a comfortable height. Make sure you practice walking in them!
  • Don't go overboard. With anything.  Some girls can pull off the prints.  Others can't.  Some can do the strapless like they just walked off the runway, others ... can't.  REMEMBER: if you have bold shoulders that look like this:
(straight, even shoulders that are broad) then you can totally pull of this look. However, those who slouch or have tiny shoulders CAN NOT make this look work.  Also the jewelry.  Again, keep it simple.  Limit the amount of jewelry you where (1 bracelet, 1 ring, 1 necklace).  This gives you a more elegant look.

For the guys!

  • match your date's clothes.
  • wear a tye. ( I know you hate it, but suck it up. It's only for a couple of hours.)
    • Well I guess you can do this: (*sigh* just remember to wear a blazer and you'll be good. :/ )
    • Also, I suggest black, not gray like this guy.
  • wear a bunch of cologne.  Please? Just take a shower okay? And if you do where cologne, keep in minimal.

Well, that's all I got. I hope that was helpful. Formspring me if you have questions!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I don't understand humans anymore. Where are our manners? Do we just do whatever the hell we want and think "Well, I won't get called on for that so it all gooood!"? Who gave you special authority to go protest at a soldier's funeral and say things like "God hates you" and "Thank God for dead soldiers" all to make a point that the deaths of U.S. soldiers is God's punishment for "the sin of homosexuality" and abortion? (By the way, the soldier wasn't even gay.)

You know, I don't give an f-ing crap about "Oh, but I was on the sidewalk which is public ground, so it was okay for me to protest there." HEY, that doesn't justify you singing at the top of your lungs "God Hates America" while a mourning family is trying to have a funeral for their son who died for his country!

SHAME! Shame on all you.  You make me ashamed to be a human being.  You can never justify your actions.  I don't give a rat's ass if you say its freedom of speech.  You are abusing your right as an American citizen to act out at an inappropriate time to make a damn statement.  You're sick. Just sick.  And do you think you're getting any respect for doing this? Wake up call! To everyone sane and morally-just in the world look at you and say "Wow, how sad.  Look at how insane and rude these people are."  I don't hear any respect coming out of that statement...

Well, that's it.  I saw it on the news today and It really made me made.  I'm all up for speaking out for what you believe in, but thre is a time and place and that was not it.

I don't understand what has become of us...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kind Of Confused

Can you guys read that? I just checked my blog today and a certain blogger, Healy, responded.  I'm really excited that she is my first candidate to sign up! I'm just really confused.  Healy, are you my new follower, Gabrielle? Or someone different?

Just in case... Welcome to That's What She Said!, Gabrielle!

It's always a good blogging day when you get a new follower!


Some upcoming events:

-I'm going to see if I can fit in some hair tips for Homecoming.

-I have some pictures of some sketches I've done. 

-blogging updates

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to comment!


I love you all! ;D

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