Wednesday, July 28, 2010

White Collar: Who is John Bolz?

If you saw the latest installment of White Collar- Copycat Caffery- then you'll probably have seen the memorial for a person named John Bolz.  And you say, "Who is John Bolz?" and here is who he is. (LINK)

And if you're even more curious as to how John Bolz died.. CLICK HERE!

And to my regulars, yeah, I'm back to White Collar.  I know I said that I was going to quit, wait, maybe I never said that I stopped watching WC...Well, anyways, I had stopped watching WC because I had missed 4 episodes and so yeah. Just wasn't worth it. But yesterday, curiosity bit me and I hit Hulu to see if they had any new episodes.  (They did; two actually.) So I went to read summaries of the episodes I had missed.  Got caught up, and watched the new episodes.


I'm kinda happy that the plane exploded.  I'm not too happy that Kate was on it, but the thing is, she is very suspicious.  After the train station incident where she calls Neal from a toll phone to the point where she gets mad at "the man with the ring" about Neal.  Idk, just a sneaking feeling that she is in on some conspiracy to get that music box--which probably contains something very rare a/o valuable.  I don't trust her. I just don't.  You can hate me all you want, but I don't care.  You'll see.  She's a spy!

* * * * *

 I really like The Glass Castle.  I always thought that her parents didn't want anything to do with their kids, but actually, they love their kids.  I love Max.  He's got his issues, but doesn't everyone? I also like Brian.  He's one of those kids who is smart but doesn't flaunt it. 


I was thinking that if I ever got married, I'd like a man like The Middle's Mr. Heck.  He's quiet yet thoughtful (at times).  When his wife suggests something, he trys to do that thing.  He does romantic stuff and shows love to his wife at some points.  Very down-to-earth and funny.  He cares for his kids.  Has that relaxed attitude and listens to his wife.  Like actually listens.

I feel that communication is a key role to a good committed relationship.  If the man/woman only half listens, but doesn't do anything they your going to have a sad and lonely relationship.  Also, the theoretical pants need to shared.  I hate seeing couples have one who has the power and the other, submissive.  I think equal power is best. 

See ya.


BTW, all the best tips for straightening hair will be coming soon. ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finished Hiroshima

Ah, free at last.  What a depressing book.  :( On to The Glass Castle.

A shout out to my friend Jennifer.  HI BUDDY! *laughs* *Psst* "Deeeer!*

If anyone has noticed in my post "Amazing, Hilarious Youtube Videos!" some of the college humor isn't showing up.  I'm thinking that they took youtube channel down. I've gone to the College humor site and linked the vids there.  I've also added another link to that post so here you go.  LINK

Look over here now!

I've added this to the gadgets bar to the right.  It's to let people know that any link I put on a post is in a different color.  Like for example, a link on this post would be pink. 

My buddy, Jen, was looking up the Amazing Youtube Videos manually! I was like "there no need! I have links so you don't have to!"

Lots of love, Jen!

Also, I have Share Buttons now (Don't know what they are? Click here.) So spread the love! Share me on Facebook and Twitter! WOO!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Target Haul

Welcome Mizz Ali to That's What She Said! I so happy to have you on board. :)

Happy birthday K!

You awesome!

Officially, yesterday was my Adoption Day. Yay!

And no, I'm not telling you where I'm adopted. I like to keep what I look like and my identity a secret. (1) to bug you all *laughs evilly* (2) I think it's cool to be like an anonymous blogger. Ooohh.
I want to point out that I had yet to answer a question on the Ask Ally-Cat page. This is what it said.

They said: HEEEEEY ALLYCAT! What is Warehouse 13???????? I'm guessin' its a show?

I said: Omg so sorry for the tardiness!
Okay, Warehouse 13 is a show about Secret Service agents that gather "artifacts", which are basically significant objects from historical people or points in the past that have a sort of power. They collect the artifact and place it in warehouse 13, a government "attic", so it would fall into the wrong hands. Tho in the shows, somebody usually uses it (either by accident or on purpose) and you know, there the show starts. . .
Hey Lauren. They have a song on iTunes now called Just Sayin' by Sam Adams. (Ew, I don't like this song. xP)
Just what we needed. A song with that phrase in it repeated over and over again...
(Lauren, I hope you don't mind that I'm telling them this.)
Just sayin' is a phrase used by our guy friends numerous amount of times. It's come to the point where they say it just to say it. So naturally, I've come to [humorously] dislike the phrase. Yeah, I know that I've said a couple times on this blog, but hey, I have nothing else to say to fill the gap! Anyways, now they do it just to bother me. (Remember my friends: don't say what phrases you dislike out loud, you never ever hear the end of it! Just endure it and eventually it shall die down!)
And I swear to all that is good, that if i hear this song on the radio there will be hell to pay! Watch it Sam Adams. You've got a storm a'comin'. *Says in a southern male accent*

(Sam Adams, if you're by some miracle reading this, I'm not like seriously threatening you sooo please in your kind kind heart: don't sue me for like verb battery {??? Yeah Idk what I just said; I don't even think that's a real charge...} soo yeahh)

Oh Tuesday, July 13, 2010; I hit my blog hit its record best with 14 viewers! Hold on:


Okay, I'm a-okay! *thumbs up and wink*

You know that Boston Medical show?

Here have a look at the intro. LINK

Here's the whole song. Everything I Want - Matthew Puckett
There is one thing I don't understand about me. It's my hair. Yeah, my hair. Okay, just bare with me for a sec.
I don't do anything to my hair except wash it with stuff that doesn't make my hair oily--since it tends to do that. And every time I go out, people are always commenting on how "beautiful" and "healthy" it looks. Seriously, I treat my hair like crap, man! At this very instance I have a whole bunch of product in it (conditioner/straightening serum and styling spray), and it's in a mess bun. If you saw me on the weekends, it's terrible looking. It's usually in a greasy ponytail or bun with a headband that doesn't want to stay on my head! I do terrible things to my hair. Terrible terrible things...(and ewww, don't go there, pervy readers).

Finally, the Target Haul. It really isn't much. But they're important to me, annnd I'm bored sooo yep!
Maybelline The Colossal Volume Mascara - If you've read my previous previous post (LINK) then you'll know that I'm done with Covergirl until further notice, so here is me buying other brand stuff (aren't I so original with my words?). I heard dis is best in drugstore-dom...We shall see.

Q-tips w/ traveling box - Got it after I watched this video. (LINK) Also, I want her purse extremely bad.

Sonia Kashuk foundation brush - I need it for a liquid foundation I want to buy from Clinique. Kinda the main reason I wanted to go to Target. Reason why I got this brand. (LINK)

Sole inserters for your arches - Dang it! I can't figure out friggin' brand name... all well, if you know then that's cool. (*psst* starts with "Dr.") I needed these for my converse. They are seriously killing my feet and I can't take it anymore. I put the inserts in today (bought the haul yesterday night).. They work pretty well. Plus they make me look taller! (I feel like an old women, when talking about this kind of problem...)

Sonia Kashuk make up pencil sharpener - Long story short, I bought it for this sadly awesome eyeliner that is unfortunately by Covergirl** (I bought the eyeliner before I knew of the animal testing). It's so weird. It has a twisty thing at the bottom that seems to be for the "lead" but it doesn't work. Multiple ppl have said that you have to sharpen it, but the thing is, it's plastic! Idk. Crazy stuff this world is throwing about, man...

Checking out was way weird.  Most of the computers weren't scanning anything. They had 3 checkouts working plus the costumer service desk and the cafe register.  We were having a storm soo I'm thinking the chaos had something to do with that.

What an odd way to end Adoption day, eh?

So that's it. Tootles.
Songs that got me through this lengthy post:
How to save a life - The Fray
Terrified - Katharine McPhee (Ft. Zachary Levi)
Listen to your heart - The Maine
*Saving Grace -The Maine

*at this moment
**Okay, let me explain something so I don't get hounded here. I have 2 eyeliners and mascara from this brand.  I figured I'd finish them off as I move on to different brands. I can't bear to throw them away because really there's nothing wrong w/ the product, just how it's developed.  I'm a believer in non-wasting.  So I'd be going against that belief by throwing out perfectly good products. So you can call me a hypocrite or not, just know this:  I do not support Covergirl and their continuation of animal testing and I certainly won't buy anymore of their crap until I have undeniable proof that they have stopped this practice.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Amazing, Hilarious Youtube Videos [UPDATED]

As everyone knows, I am a gigantic Youtube Surfer.  So here is the stuff I find freaking epic:

Evolution of Dance - This dude is mind blowing.

EOD 2 - sequel!

Here it goes again - OK GO - Ah, never gets old.

Looking for a girlfriend - I saw this guy twice on Tosh.o . He is one creepy homo sapien. (WTH with the rat tail looking thing on his face??)

"I Have To Get READY!" - Tales of Mere Existence is pretty amazing and freaky at the same time because most of the stuff that Levi says is basically the truth.  I like this video because it reminds me of well, me!

I'm not going to think about her..." - Another Tales of Mere Existence installment.  A few reasons why I like this video: 1) I find myself in this scenario a lot lately (But instead of her, its a him) 2) It makes me feel bad over how much power we girls have over men. 3) I find it cute that a guy can remember the little stuff like how much she hated his alarm clock and when she cried during a Star Wars movie.  Awwww.

Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall - Listen to this twice (First impression = creepy but kinda catchy, 2nd imression = my head's bobbing to the beat; I think I like this song...) , if you don't like it then poo on you.  I like this song. Thanks Lauren!

The Escapees - Eli's Dirty Jokes, episode 13.  This one of my favorites and it's the only one that's not dirty. Promise!

The boy and the cop - Another EDJ.  This one's for Hannah!

Luigi Snaps and Bowser and His minions - Soo true! I have both these games on the gameboy. 

PacMan Ghosts Talk TV and Koopa Hell - I love Mario Bro. Way to go College Humor. 

POV: College Humor - These are super funny. Though, they are in a guy's point-of-view they are still pretty good. 

Geico -- Sarge commercial - Best Geico commercial EVA!

Hope you enjoyed. ;)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Covergirl - Animal Testing

Everyone knows that I'm a big animal rights supporter, so telling you that I am deeply upset about the animal testing of Covergirl doesn't come as a shock to you, right?

Yeah, you heard me right: animal testing. If you didn't know this, I've been a costumer of Covergirl products for 3 years and I am deeply saddened and ashamed to be a provider to such a brand.

Many of you must be saying: "Oh, but that's just hear-say. You don't know that for certain."
And I would say: "Oh yeah?! Look it!" and thus point down below to the following proof.

Wait, uh, first watch this video (not the entire thing just the animal testing part).  Keep in mind, this isn't proof, this is just setting you up for the proof... LINK

Okay, here's the proof*:

First I went to Wikipedia and founds these.  Though, I figured you guys wouldn't count this 'cause of feasible the info on wiki is. Sooo....

I went on Covergirl's website and then to P&G's and found this press release: LINK

So tell me what you think.  I'm totally serious. I mean it.  If you guys don't comment I'm going to automatically assume that you think that this thing is okay.  And then I'm going to get mad. And I'll be very very angry the next time I post.  So think that about okay? (I'm not threatening! I'm just saying that this problem is serioius and I just don't want you to blow it off!)

I have decided that I will not use Covergirl products from now on.  I feel so bad for even supporting such a terrible act in the first place. And as for you, I would think about doing the same (if you use Covergirl).


 *NOTE: The content within the pictures are not mine.  All information belongs to the following sites:
Copyright infringement not intended.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What the heck is with the soap dispenser commerical?!

I don't understand this commercial?  LINK

NO DIP the soap pump is going to have germs and crap on it! But hey, you wash it away!

Yeah, I drew this diagram too.  Don't make fun.  (Geez, you try to draw on you laptop!)

That ridiculous.  To be honest, an automatic soap dispenser is not useful.  People, why demean ourselves into more laziness? Seriously? Are people that stupid as to use the soap after they washed their hands??? Who thought of this??? Dumbest idea I've ever seen. Period.



If you're a texter like I am, I highly don't recommend this phone.  I have problems with practically everything!
The space button on the keyboard makes a period if you press it twice.  (You may not think that's a big deal, but if you're a fast typer the phone delays and when you see that it doesn't space you press it and then it makes a period.)  Also after a couple of messages later, it start to not be able to send.  You can press "try again?" over and over, but eventually you have to turn the phone off, wait 10 sec., and then turn it back on.  That happens about twice a day for me (more for others who text a bunch).  Also, on rare occasions the phone's screen starts to either flash (like it's trying to open a window but it can so it trys going back and forth in a infinite loop) or freeze.  Again you have to turn the phone off/on to fix it. 

I've been really disappointed about this phone.  The whole reason why I bought it was the keyboard so I could text faster.  I use to have the LG Vu that had a small virtual keyboard and I was sick of using that.  Also, I'm not the only one have the same exact problems; my cousin and guy friend both have the same phone as me and we have to same problems (some worse than others). 

Sadly, I can't get rid of this phone until the 2 year contract.  Also to join the misery, I looked on AT&T's website and there isn't anything to download for the phone to fix it.  :/ I can officially say that this SUCKS!

So in conclusion, if your thinking about buying the samsung impression for messaging THEN CONSIDER BUYING A DIFFERENT PHONE, HONEY, CUZ THIS AIN'T DOING IT!!!!


The Maine
Black & White

*** (3 out of 5 stars)

ATTENTION ALL TAYLOR SWIFT FANS! Please listen to this song: LINK.  It may appeal to you!

This is a review of the new album "Black & White" by The Maine. 

So basically, this album is for those who enjoy thoughtful songs with the country twang.
If you've heard of The Maine before, you'll know that they've are known for their edgy songs and bad boy appearance.  Although the bad boy appearance is still evident in some of the songs in this album.  However, their 2nd album has shown that the band has matured. It seems that the band is leading in the direction of a mix of country and rock.  The songs are very calm and nostalgic. Some songs sound similar to the others; it's almost to the verge of boring. Someone pointed out to me that there seems to be a lot of repetition in about every song, and I have to admit, I agree.Also, those of who are fans, the acoustics are more pronounced this time around than previous works.  (Use to be a lot of drum.)

I really like the acoustics versions. Especially "Inside of You". :)

To be honest, I kind of miss the punk, bad boy songs they sang.  They were so fun and well, baaad.  I felt like I was getting away with listening to such edgy and almost explicit songs without iTunes knowing that they were explicit.  Sadly, I think they've finally kicked the punk stuff out the door.  Welcome to the renewed and matured Maine!

I guess this a lesson to all: bad boys don't stay bad for long, if their smart, they change for the better. 

Here are the songs I bought:

Listen To Your Heart

Right Girl

Saving Grace

Here are the other songs from the album:

Don't Stop Now      Growing up

Fuel The Fire          Inside of You

Every Road           Give It To Me

Color              Right Girl (acoustic) Bonus track

Inside of You (acoustic) Bonus track

Songs I own from the later album and singles:

I Must Be Dreaming - First song that I've ever heard of this band; though it was in acoustic version it was still pretty fantastic.  (Acoustic) < The same video that introduced me to The Maine.

Everything I Asked For

Into Your Arms - I have a theory that this song is what made them decide to do "Black & White" they way they did because it was so popular.

Have you noticed how many people have gotten married in the last couple weeks?

Penelope Cruz and  Javier Bardem got married.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher also married recently.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt got married a couple of days ago.

And Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are going to get married soon.

Man, all these wedding bells are giving me a headache.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Say Goodbye To My Heart Tonight...

Does this song sound fimiliar to you?

(The answer will be at the end of this post!)


The reason of the layout--I forgot to mention-- is for my deceased Aunt Tootie (Please don't laugh.) She use to love humming birds and as you can see, there are humming birds on both sides of the template.

I love you, Aunt Tootie.

Happy Late 4th!  I was partying so that's why I wasn't ava.

I'm so peeved with myself. I haven't done anything productive at all this summer.  I suck.

Uhh. Guys? would you like a excerpt of Beauty's Eden.  I don't know whether or not to put one up.  I'll be making a DVA account soon and you have a copyright on that thing so if I do post it on here I might have some problems later on when I get a copyright.  Idk. 

Help here?


Don't you DARE!  Gosh you sooo bad.


Here is the answer: Camp Vegas for Grownups Commerical

I'm soo obsessed with Glee! I keep playing songs off YouTube while I type.  Ah, so addicting!

By the way,  Warehouse 13? Did anyone see it? Omg, it was amazing!!!  **Sings "These are my CONFESSIONS!"**


Did I mention to watch it?


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