Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What You Didn't Know / What You Don't See

You didn't know...that I was standing there beside you and you choose not to see me.

You didn't know...how I felt when you sprouted walls in front of my face because you didn't want anything to do with me.

You didn't know...what it means to apologize.

You didn't know...that your conflicting words weren't fooling anyone because I knew you were trying to not look like the bad guy. Face it, kid, in this fight no one is innocent.

You didn't know...that as much as I hurt you, you've hurt me--even if you think I don't have the right to be.

You didn't know...that those statuses you post for everyone to see may not exactly have my name stamped on them, but I knew exactly who you were directing them toward, and that's really mean and degrading.

What you don't know is that I believe in everything I say, I don't flip-flop my words to make me sound better; I don't dwell on the things that bother me too long because I know that it will eventually have to come out one way or another; and I don't hold grudges for very long.  I work hard to save what I care about and what I think matters.  My grip was tight and two-handed, but your's was loose and one-handed. You cannot deny that I didn't try my best, but when I gave up, so did you..

You don't see...is what most don't see in me, but can I blame you for it?

You don't see...is the love that can't quite express they way I want you to see it as.

You don't see...is the care and attention I try to give you, but you still see me as a friend.

You don't see...what I wonder about when you aren't around. Are you thinking about me at all?

You don't see...is how my heart breaks when you talk about her.

You don't see...is my mind and my heart tugging on my decisions as to stay where I am or to just move on.

What you don't see is everything I try to hide, but wish you knew so maybe you'd understand how I feel.  I wish you could glimpse into how I sabotage every romantic feeling I get because I have a father who makes me afraid "to stray to fall from the sidewalk" and "to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt".  I'm afraid. I'm paranoid. I'm not strong enough to overcome this battle. If you could only see...maybe that could save me.  Could you save me from this ever-present runt?


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do NOT Use This Site! (Not Mine, Someone Else's)

**I kind of wonder if this will get taken down by that site if i post it...**

Well, the website is called Lightinthebox.com and basically it's a scam.

A couple of days ago, I was looking for a long, formal dress to wear to my dance.  Mom found a site called, Light in the Box, and it seemed really awesome. They had thousands of dresses in all kinds of colors and styles; plus everything could be customized.  Also, they were having a discount, so the dresses were pretty cheap.

I was having a ball going through and looking at all the sweet styles and such. I was totally thinking that I was going to buy from this site.

Anyways, I had done all my browsing on Mom's computer, but nothing on mine. So just a couple of minutes ago, I typed in "light in the box" but as I was about to click the site under the URL box, I saw the tag "Light in the Box Scam".


There was article after article about how this site:

-does these bad bundled packaging (making it look like you're saving money, but you're not)

-hidden add-on fees

-lying with their ads

-sends fake/broken electronics

-amauter dressing measurements (the right way to get perfect measurements is to take that measurement and go just a smidge higher so that there is give to get the dress to zip up; you don't exactly the size!)

-prolonged refunds (or none at all)

-and etc, etc, etc!

You can't even post a bad review because they'll just take it down!

Please guys, don't buy from this place, and if you do STOP NOW!  They are eating a hole right out of your wallet.


If you want to look at these articles, search them through Google. There are tons!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Getting Real Sick of This, Internet Explorer....Real Sick.

Dear Internet Explorer 8,

You are boating on dangerous waters, my friend.  I do not appreciate having to open my browser to find that "Oh, goodness! 'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem'!" and you tell me "Oh, I'll fix it."

Goodbye, homepage.

Oh, but wait... Hello! "My tab has been recovered!" Thank the lord! Now, back to business...

Nope, forget that. Internet Explorer has encountered a problem (again), fixy-fix time!

Close out my window, reopen my window because it's recovered, but then there's a problem...


Son of a gun, if you don't stop this nonsense, I will switch to Google Chrome!!!!! I'm serious, young man, this is  a very real and irritating problem.  And I will not stand for it any longer.

Think hard about what you're doing.

Not sincerely,



You can go to the deuce, IE. I hate you.

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