Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Playlist, Y'all!

  1. Tonight, Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
    1. I heard this on the radio today in my car.  As soon as I got home I played it over and over on youtube. :D
  2. You and I - Lady Gaga
    1. Someone mentioned that a new Lady Gaga video was added on Vevo.  Youtube-surfer me hopped right online and listened to it.  I loooove the country twang.
  3. Nothing - The Script
    1. Heard it on the radio too!
  4. Not Your Birthday - Allstar Weekend
    1. I wanted to see Prom, but I didn't get to.  I found the soundtrack though!
  5. Surrender - Neon Trees
    1. Another prom soundtrack song!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Basics: Foundation

Foundation can come in two forms: powder or liquid.  Some people like powder because it's lighter, and it doesn't cake.  Other people like liquid because it had better coverage and it's more versatile for skin types


NOTE: Dry skin types SHOULD NOT wear powder because it makes your skin look even drier than before.
  • light coverage (The nicer brands can sometimes have medium)
  • Good for first time make-up users
  • Great for oily and combo skin types
  • Also great in the summer when you want to wear something light, but yet cover up blemishes
  • Applies best with a kabuki brush or a regular powder brush

NOTE: Oily skin types should avoid the "dewy" looking foundations and look for matte and/or oil-free formulas.  The best foundation to find for your type? One that battles acne, is oil free, and is matte!
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Great for all skin types
  • Comes in different formulas: dewy, matte, SPF mixed, etc.
  • Applies best with a paddle brush or stippler brush

I do not recommend using your fingers--nor sponges, or puff pads--, but if you have to, then sanitize you're hands first. If you use the sponge--please don't though--get it damp before applying the foundation; it avoids streaking. And as for the puff pads, just don't even try.

Tips For All The Different Skin Types


I suggest investing in a tinted moisturizer, which is basically just foundation mixed with moisturizer.  And to save money, you can just make you're own.  (A pea size of  SPF moisturizer mixed with a pea sized amount of foundation is ideal.)


I'm not too sure how to explain this so that it's helpful to everyone since it seems that after some researching People with this type of skin vary between oily and dry, it can be day by day or by season. Anyways, I can say a couple of things: (1) ALWAYS moisturize, no matter what. Do it. (2) It seems like liquid or mineral foundation is the way to go.

 I've heard that powder can leave 'dry patches' on some people, so I want to point out something to those who may have this problem: have you ever tried to exfoliate? Try that, and then see what happens...


For the best coverage, wearing liquid foundation and then setting it powder is best.  In some cases, powder can work, but they do tend to melt off after a while. 

Well, I think that's it. Questions and comments post down below!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Latest Favorite Songs On My iPod

**Note: if you'd like to listen to the song listed, click the title of that song! I provided a link, it's just not noticeable right now.. :P **
    1. Catchy. And I like Busta Rhymes; he's an incredible rapper.
    1. It's kinda different from their usual stuff.  I bob my head to this song every time it comes on!
    1. My new obsession! This is one of my top bands.  I like the sweetheart-lift-me-up kind of lyrics; I can imagine summer right at my fingertips.  Smell that crispy heat and feel the light, weightless feeling of laying out on the lawn and getting lost in the starry sky..
    1. Saw this movie on the plane for vaca.  I almost cried.  This song probably stuck out to me the most.  "Where the memories will keep you company, whenever you're low.."
    1. Gawd, another song that almost made me cry. Did anyone see the season finale for Vampire Diaries? I was so emotional; angry, shocked, sad.  Poor Elena...
    1. Found this song as I was looking up "Skinny Love".  It has a familiar aura to it.  I don't know if you've noticed this, but my music preference is very scattered.  Dark and haunting to pop and catchy.
    1. EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLIN'! I want to learn that dance. :D
    1. Reminds me of vaca! I actually didn't like this song until I saw Tyler Ward's version.
    1. I watched her half hour video on Vevo.. O.o She's a very dedicated woman.  Bravo to her!  I've wanted to buy this song since I saw the Target commercial. ;)
    1. I <3 Adam Levine.  He has such an interesting voice. *sigh* So dreamy. Oh, this song has some good lyrics too. :)
I hope you enjoy! It's good to be back...


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Movie Review: Cowboys Vs. Aliens

I just got home from seeing this movie. Can I just point out the obvious? Daniel Craig is craaazy hot as a bad ass cowboy.  *longingly sighs* Why does he have to be married...?

Anyways, graphics were amazing of course.  Scenery was beautiful of course.  The characters were a-- wait... Let's rephrase that. The characters were okay--with the exception of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.  I mean Olivia Wilde was good--and I know her potential because she's a great actress on House--but her character in this movie lacked personality for the longest time (plus she was boring) until it reached a mini-climax.  *sighs* I don't know...It was slow in some parts, yet it was interesting, then it got cheesy, then it got really cheesy, then good, then well..... The ending was somewhat satisfying, but you kinda want want more.  Like for me, I was ready for a twist, but it didn't happen and I was a bit disappointed by that.

Overall, it was a good movie, but it lacked in some parts, like the beginning could have moved a little faster. You know, I might regret saying this, but when I watch Steven Spielberg's work I come out of it feeling like it lacked either accuracy or a better ending..

Would I recommend this movie? Ahhh maybe, but if I were you I'd wait till it came out on On Demand...



The Basics: Concealer

4 Reasons for Using Concealer
  1. You have blemishes to cover up
  2. Dark circles under the eyes
  3. Make your face look younger and brighter
  4. Uneven skin tone
5 Important Tips and Facts about Concealer

Concealer is a think cream that you use to cover up the above.. Some people use only concealer since it's thick and they don't want to add another layer of make up--foundation.
Concealer comes in: green, lavender, pink, blue, and orange.  Here's why:

The most common colors you'll find in drugstore are only the green and lavender usually.

Concealers can come in a couple forms: stick, pallet, or liquid.  Depending on you're preference, the stick and pallet versions are thicker, usually, than the liquid. The liquid version is more buildable though.  I recommend for people who just want a little bit of coverage to go liquid, it won't be cake-y if you but just the right amount on (pea-size is sufficient, but sometimes less is more).  Stick/pallet is good for the under eyes especially. However,  thicker concealers are hard on oily and combination skin; you tend to breakout since your pore are being blocked up. 
Go light on concealer; it's easy to go overboard and look cake-y...You never ever want to look cake-y. To check for this, stand in front of natural light and see if you're darker in some areas or if you skin looks overall grainy and "unnatural".  If so, take a tissue or a make-up sponge and start dabbing off the excess.
The best way to put on concealer is a using a concealer or paddle brush.  It's not good to use you're hands, since they have bacteria, unless you have dark that case use your ring fingers to lightly dab your under eyes in a sweeping motion.


Friday, August 5, 2011

August Theme: The Make-up Basics

I need to get myself on the ball here. I'm totally lacking in the blogging department.  :P I'm sorry everyone.

So a quick announcement, I'm going to be doing make-up stuff this month as much as possible.  So if you have a request for something specific like foundation: which is best? or what type of make-up you should get depending on your face type... stuff like that. :D


Oh and I finished Hannah's picture--which I should go tell her now!-- I'm still trying to figure out how to get these pictures up from my phone. Fingers crossed. :)

My next project is Hugh Jackman (shirtless). *cue the screaming women*

Ooooh yeaaaah.

Well, that's about it.  This isn't very organized, but I'm in quite a rush. I love you all!

Welcome new follower, Riley Ristuccia!
Ha, you surprised me today. I wasn't expecting a new follower.  :) You made my day. Thank you.


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