This blog is unlike other blogs.

 I not only post (almost) daily, but I also do reviews on movies, books, and electronics.  I also write about some of the crazy news in our ever happening world on occation.  I also give advice when needed and at random.  I've recieved two awards from a blogger named Seli.  And so far I have 12 wonderful followers.  So go on, check it out!

WARNING: I write my personal feelings on things I see or stuff that is on my mind every once in a while.  I know that I put myself at risk of harsh critism, but I want people to know that it is only my opinion.  They are not facts and I don't put them on here to intentionally offend people.  I only write stuff like that because, honestly, I'm upset and writing about makes me feel a bit better (Sometimes I hope the person on the other side of their computer screen feels the same way as I do . . .).  I do warn my readers when something serious is about to come up so it's up to them whether they want to read it or not.  If something I say really, really offends or hurts somebody, please tell me and give me a valid reason for why it does!   Then I will consider taking it down.

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What is a blog?

A blog is a way of communication between a blogger and, well, the world.  They come in many unoffical types: up-idy and fun, diary/journal, dark and poetic, artsy and bright, etc.  Anyone can be blogger, it just takes commitment to posts and a heart for writing and/or entertaining.  If you are interested in making a blog please read on!

How do I make a blog?

Blogs are easy to start all you need is an idea. Blogger* has an easy-to-make blogs which are free BTW and some pretty decent templetes. Blogger has added a new design feature, that allows you to customize your blog the way you want it with tons of different backgrounds and options. There is also Wordpress.com that seems to be free. I've never used it before, but that's the only other free blogging system I know of. . .

*To make a blog on Blogger you have to have a Google account.  (It isn't that bad.)

Lastly, here are some websites that have some pretty awesome templetes if you ever get bored of Blogger's templates....



Thank you for reading.  If you have any questions, post a comment on my blog.


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