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This page is for spoilers that I want to post, but not want to ruin for those who rather not ruin the surprise for themselves.

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Wild Ones Manga Final Page
It says "10 Years Later..." and "Rakuto, Sachie, and..."
Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George
"On the heels of the success of Princess of the Midnight Ball (2009), George's sequel follows one sister, Poppy, to Breton. While staying with her Seadown cousins, Poppy's eye is caught by Christian, the Crowne Prince of Danelaw, and a romance begins to bud. But a maid in the Seadowns' home, Eleanora, somehow manages to get a gown and attend the ball, appearing to cast a spell over the men in attendance. In a clever reworking of the Cinderella story, George once again proves adept at spinning her own magical tale. Fans of Donna Jo Napoli's retellings will cheer loudly as George proves her own mettle." ~ Melissa Moore, Amazon

Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev
"This sequel to Eyes like Stars (2009) returns to the fantastical Théâtre Illuminata, where 17-year-old Bertie Shakespeare Smith continues her wild, swashbuckling, genre-twisting adventures through magical, theatrical worlds. As in the previous volume, romance (more steamy suggestion than actual bodice-ripping) drives the girl-power plot, but the humorous allusions to famous literature, the breakneck banter among the magical cast, and, most of all, Bertie's astonishing ability to influence the course of actions with her written words will captivate readers. Fans of the first title will be equally enchanted and will hope for a third act from Bertie." ~ Gillian Engberg, Amazon

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