Thursday, December 31, 2009


And as a late Christmas gift/New Year gift. I'm going fulfill my promise:

*drum roll*

This is one of my sketches that I drew um. . I think. . 2 or 3 days ago.  Plus it's the only picture that wasn't blurry.

I would appreciate it if you didn't take this picture and say that it is your own. IF YOU EVER take this photo and post it somewhere then PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT! I go through a lot of trouble making sure I don't violate some copyright infringement whenever I post a picture that I got off the internet and I expect you to do the same courtesy for me.


May 2010 be the start of a better and spectacular new decade. . .


Someone asked me if I liked MI more than the Twilight Saga, so I responded, without hesitation, no.  No because although MI is a very facinating and different from everything else out there, Twilight remains #1 to me.  I just feel like everything is explained well in the books and while in MI, I find parts that have no explanation which is a bad habit on the writer's part. In other words, Twilight seems more well-rounded and better put together than MI.  I like them both, don't worry.  And no matter how I much I disagree with this 4th installment of MI, I'm looking forward to getting to read it! ;D

Review: City of Glass

City of Glass has to be my favorite book from the series!  POV's were equally used and not in that annoying back-and-forth pattern.  I'm glad that Clary finally realized that she can't always be the rebel and rush into trouble or dilibrately disobey people.  In this book, she really got herself in a hole with the people she loves, and ended up hurting herself.  I really liked this one and I was sad that I'd finished it so soon.  It was fantastic and will not disappoint.

I have to warn you, death is prominent in this one.  Although, City of Glass is not as dark as City of Ashes, death really hits home here, so be prepared!

You'll be introduced to a new character, Sabastian.  He's very interesting.

I think this book would have been a really nice finishing book. I really think that this next book, City of Fallen Angels, will be over doing it.  And I really don't want to say why, but if you get to the ending of City of Glass, you'll understand why.

(4 1/2 /5)
I was soo close to giving this book a 5, but there was places that should have been explained a bit better. Sorry, I'm just picky! XP

(City of Fallen Angels coming out in March 2011)
(The new series: Infernal Devices book 1: The Clockwork Angel will come out Sept. 2010)

For more information about MI series and/or the ID series please click here!

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I'm So Sorry!

I had to stop following The Runaways.  I didn't have time to keep up.  I'm sooo sorry.  I've got work to do and reading to get done and I just don't have time to get envolved with another story.  Please forgive me!

I've finished City of Glass.  I won't say anymore because as soon as I get this posted I'll work on my review for it.  BTW, sorry for being a whiner about the Mortal Imstruments Series.  I'm picky about my books; I was even picky about Twilight! I hated all the staring and the lack of vampire action it had in it.  But over time I learned to love the book, and eventually, the series.  I have to be a harsh critic or I'll never be satisfied and I'll feel like I've missed informed you if I made every review hearts and flowers, when in reality, the book (or whatever I hypothetically reviewed) sucked. Get what I'm saying?

Sorry for not being around yesterday.  I was getting upgraded to Windows 7 so my computer was taken to Best Buy/Geek Squad to get worked on.  I just got it back today.  Thank you Geek Squad, I love it! ;)


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Artsy Side Is Kicking Into Gear. . .

Oddly, I've been wanting to do lots of sketches lately.  Impulse, ya know?  I'm not very good at people drawings, but landscapes are more my "thing".  It started when I bought a sketching kit a couple days ago; it came with a How-To book and a mini sketch pad with coal pencils--you get the idea.  I guess it awakened my love of drawing. 
All this impulse drawing is really making it hard for me to read my book.  Haha, as soon as I start to reading a picture comes into my mind and before you know it, I'm hittin' the sketch pad trying to draw it out.  Someday I'll take some pictures of them and put them on here.  ;)

Speaking of art, check out this guy's drawing of the cast of the Mortal Instruments:


Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: City of Ashes

Well, with much improvement, I have to say that City of Ashes did get a lot better from it's previous book.  However, it was terribly dreary and sad to me. It was hard to see Clary and Jace struggle with their feels toward each other in an seemingly impossible situation.  It was even more hard to watch Jace with his . . problems.  Everyone in the book seems so miserable and hurt.  After I had finished the book, I felt my spirits dampen.  *Sigh* Okay, moving on.

Clary grew up a lot since the last book.  She's smarter than I'd given her credit for.  Yay for Clary.

Simeon will surprise you in this one, he's no idiot. And he didn't annoy me as much as he did in the other book. . .

Cassandra added more POV's in her 2nd book than from last time.  I liked it in the beginning, but towards the end it got irritating.  It was like watching a soap opera when they keep flipping to another scene after 5 minutes.  (4/5)

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  It was quite different from the 1st, which surprised me.  I knew it would be a bit different because of Clary and Jace, but many other things happen that makes you keep wanting to read on and on.  I think the ending turned out well.  It didn't cut you off as bad as it did in City of Bones.  The book was pretty good, but the overall mood of it really took a toll on me.  I've never read anything so dark like that before and to be honest, I'm glad I finished it. 

(3 1/2 /5) [I dont usually do halves, but I felt it couldn't be a 3 but yet not a full 4 either.]




Sunday, December 27, 2009

Writing When It's Raw

Okay this is not a story I'm going to start so don't get your hopes up.  Sometimes, I like to start off a sentence at random when I'm typing and create what I call: impro-writing. Improvised Writing.  I have to warn you though I used some bad words.  But it's not like you don't hear it every once in a while.  Sorry, if you get offended.  I'm not taking them out.  I think it provides character.  So here you go, my first posted impro-writing ever posted on That's What She Said.  Enjoy!

As I ran into the living room, I saw my brother had collapsed on the floor.  I gasped.
"Oh, my god!" I ran over to Finn's unconcious body.  "Finn! Finn! Wake up! Wake up! They'll be here any second. I can't fight them off without you!"  I tried to shake him awake, but it was no use.  He wouldn't wake up. 
"Shit." I muttered, looking around the room for my cell phone.  Gotta call the Boss. He's going to be so pis--BOOM!
Surprised, I spun around to see the front door was blasted open, and just in time to see a circular metal object being thrown inside and landing on the leather couch.  Oh, no.  I looked down at Finn and knew I had to get him out of here before the bomb detonates. I grabbed Finn under his arms and started to drag him over to the hatch beneath the old blue rug under the coffee table.  Realizing that I had no hands to get the coffee table out of my way, I decided to use the next best thing: use my mind. 
I closed my eyes and concentrated.  I pictured the coffee table getting thrown over the couch and willed it.  I opened my eyes just in time to see the coffee table flying over the couch and crashing onto the hard wood floor. 
I shifted Finn's body onto my left arm and tried to prop him against my knee, as I flipped over the rug and jerked open the hatch.  It was made to to look like it went along with the wooden floors that covered the first floor of my family's house.  You'd have to do a double-take to realize it was there. 
Huffing, I quickly, but gently lowered Finn's lean body into the opening.  Got to hurry. I kept repeating in my head.  Once he was safely lowered in I jumped in after him.  It was dark, but that didn't matter right now.
What matters is that we don't die today.
I reached up and pulled the hatch's door shut and locked it with quick movement.  All that work in one minute, not bad...
Okay we got to keep moving.
I snapped my fingers and a small flame flickered above me.  Not enough light.  I snapped my fingers three more times and three more flames appeared beside my head.  I bent down quickly to see if Finn was doing okay.  I checked his temperature and pulse.  They seemed fine.  I turned around to see before me was a set of stairs leading down to the Cave.  I sighed, again, picking up Finn by the arms and and started to drag him down the stairs.  Damn you, Finn.  Of all the times to have one of your episodes... BA-BOOM!
The bomb.  Wow, that took waay to long to go off.

Okay, I'm over half way through City of Ashes. Pretty good, yet sad.


Some books that I got over Christmas:

The Summoning by: Kelley Armstrong

City of Ashes by: Cassandra Clare

Stargazer by: Claudia Gray

Wuthering Heights by: Emily Bronte

The Hunger Games by: Suzanna Collins

Eyes Like Stars by: Lisa Mantchev

Princess of the Midnight Ball by: Jessica Day George

Okay, you might have noticed that I like books with a bit of romance.  It's been a thing of mine ever since I read Fairest.

Did you hear?  Borders is closing sometime in 2010.  How sad.  I liked Borders. *Sigh* Curse you, you harsh economy! *waves fist in air!*



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Review: City of Bones

I had mixed feelings about this book. You might remember, earlier on, that I was complaining about Clary.  She seems so dense in the book.  But she also lived a sheltered life.  If you were annoyed with her as I was then keep holding out, it gets better. (3/5)
Cassandra's writing is. . .interesting--to put it nicely.  I liked how every once in a while, she'd changed POV's.  It kept the story interesting--for lack of words.  I hated the ending.  She creates this big story in one chapter (her chapters are HUGE, by the way) and you think: okay, so that's how it went. Then she throws another "part" to the story to screw you all up!  Plus, I didn't like how the very ending sort of cut you off. **If you'd like to know what I'm talking about then check out the bottom of this post, but BEWARE it will contain spoilers!**  (3/5)
In all, I was a bit disappointed.  All this hype about the book was a real let down when it came down to reading it.  However, it's still an addicting series. The premise is facinating and I'd like to read on and see what happens next, in hopes that it'll get better.  I got the sequel: City of Ashes. I figured maybe she got enough letters saying how weird her writing was and maybe made an effort to make it better in City of Ashes. . . well, we'll see. .



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**I can't believe Jace is dumb enough to fall for Valentine's story!  And all the sudden, Clary believes it too.  Unbelieveable.  After all that Luke went over with his story. Look, Luke seems to be more trustworthy, and plus, how many years has Clary known him? Pretty much all her life!  I mean, COMMON SENSE!  No one in their right mind would trust a crazed, blood thirsty liar. Oh, and the part about the ending being cut off too soon: I meant that when they took off to get Jace to wake up their mother, and they ended it with Clary lookin out over the city riding on a demon motorcycle. What happens with Jocelyn? Does she wake up?  Gosh, stupid ending.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday!  We still got one more holiday to celebrate.  NEW YEARS! Oh yeah! End of the decade.  How awesome is that?


To my 3 new followers: BB, Shivi_the-sheep, and Selina Phillips.  You guys are awesome! ;)

I want to thank some of my friends, like Hannah, for support and the good comments they had about my blog.  This month has been great. Thank you all!

Thank you to my readers, those who are not subscribed to my blog. I don't know how many of you read this, but thanks for reading! Haha, and *psst* tell your friends, okay?

See ya on New Years! ^_^


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Seasons Greetings!

Have yourself a merry, little Christmas...

Happy Holidays, my loyal readers!  And. . .Thank you, Selina Phillips, for being my 3rd follower of my blog! Happy Holidays!

2 more days until Christmas--not counting today! Yay.  Oddly, on Christmas day I tend to wake up early.  I tried taking sleeping pills and such, but I always wake up at 5-6 A.M. It's very bothersome, especially when you want to catch just a few more Z's.

*Sigh* Well, you can't blame a girl for trying. . .

Oh, before I forget,  the answer to the body wash question was B. Olay [look back at my Sunday, December 20, 2009 entry to see what I'm talking about].  (What? You didn't think I forgot did you?)

OH! And I still have a goal to get up to at least 15-20 more readers.  I want to beat Hannah SOO BAD!  It's all in good fun though, don't get me wrong. :)

I'm thinking about putting the advice part of this blog on a different blog. Buuut it seems like everyone is shy around here and won't SPEAK UP and ASK SOME QUESTIONS!  Just sayin'.

Got to go, peeps.  I still got to finish this City of Bones book. . .


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

City of Bones

WARNING: this post may contain spoilers for those who haven't read the book yet and want to. 

Okay, I'm getting really annoyed with Clary.  She's so forgetful and lacks in common sense. 

Example of forgetfulness: 

Earlier in chapt. 10 they mention that the Silent Brothers are Shadowhunters, but are very powerful and are feared by many other Shadowhunters.

Later on Clary is upset that they have to go separately from Brother Jeremiah to Bone City, and thinks that Jeremiah is embarassed to travel with a Shadowhunter(Can you believe it?! She forgot already!) So Jace has to remind her that the Brothers are Shadowhunters.  Geeez.

Example of lack of common sense:

Fact: Clary's mother's name is Jocelyn.

Fact: Jocelyn is an exiled Shadowhunter.

Fact: The Silent Brothers have records of all the members of the Clave.

Fact: Clary has been told or known all of the above before meeting Brother Jeremiah.

So why in the world would Clary be surprised that Brother Jeremiah called her mother Jocelyn??  (DUH! It's her name?! And *ahem* he has records of her membership with the Clave, so of course he would know her name!!) COMMON SENSE!

Yeah, maybe Clary is still not taking it in that her mom was a Shadowhunter in her former life.  Jocelyn never mentioned anything about her past to Clary.  So it makes some sense that it comes hard to believe that her mother was part a hate group against the Accords, killed demons, and married a guy that almost caused an all-out war against Shadowhunters and Downworlders. . . But you'd think she'd understand this and accept it. 

It's plainly and may I say, painfully, obvious that Clary doesn't consist of an open mind.  Hopefully by the end of this book she'll be a bit more mature about this and drop this dumb act.  It's painful to read. . .


Monday, December 21, 2009

White Collar (Contains Spoilers)

Okay. Did any of you guys seen White Collar? (Sorry, this couldn't wait! I'm freaking out!)


Okay, now's the time to switch to a different page, unless you want to ruin your experience when watching White Collar. . .

. . .

. . .
Okay, I warned ya. . .

Did Peter really kidnap Kate? Or is this some elaborate hoax made by Kate so that she can get Neil's money and run off? But then, why is Peter wearing the ring from the photo? And if you ask me he looks pretty sinister in that last scene. And is it just me or does Kate look a lot like Peter's wife?!
([below] Elizabeth)
Right?! I know. Was this on purpose?
Wait! What if Peter and Kate are having some weird affair? And plan to ruin Neil??  Gross. >:P

See? Disappointed? Now you just ruined it for yourself by knowing the ending.  And hey, don't you dare blame it on me. I did warn you. . .

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Watch The Lastest Episode of White Collar Here!

Review: Avatar 3D

2 hrs. and 40 min. plus 20 min. of previews (5 previews in all) equaled out to a little over 3 hrs. of movie theatre time.  Completely and totally worth it. 

First things first, the graphics were gorgeous--especially in 3D!  (100/5) It was like you were in a completely different world. Everything felt so real.  It was an experience unimaginable, too surreal to entirely describe.  .  . The experience is spectacular!

The plot was predictable, to say the least. (4/5)  However,  I did enjoy it.  You see, as you watch a ton of movies, plots get really easy to identify.  The plot was similar to that Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, but I mean, come on, you could see it coming the trailers!
And that's all I'll say about the plot. Okay? Okay.

The characters were super! I felt like I could feel their pain and anguish, their joy and peace of nature.   They did a great job, especially with a nonexistent set to work with.  (4/5)

Overall, It was a great movie.  (4/5) No doubt there's going to be a sequel. 
This movie has much symbolism.  I strongly suggest looking out for this if you want to see the movie; it can really open your eyes to the destruction and corrupt ways we live by, past and present. 
I also suggest seeing this in the theatreDon't wait until it comes out on DVD and Blue-Ray.  It loses it's "magic" when your watching at home. And if you see it, you'll know what I mean. . .

Fantastic job, James Cameron!

Please see Avatar! I know I certainly enjoyed it! ;)

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Okay, Is It Just Me. . .

Or is Snoopy and Woodstock adorable or what?

Aww, aren't they cute together. . .

I saw the James Cameron's Avatar 3D movie today.  I've already typed out my review for it, which I'll post after this one.

Thank you shivi_the_sheep for becoming a follower of my blog! I really appreciate it.  You have a beautiful blog, by the way.  :D

City of Bones is pretty good.  I think I'm on. . chapter 8? I know that's not very far, but these chapters are looong.

Sorry for so many posts!  I know this might be hard to keep up with. In a couple of weeks I'll be extremely busy with exams so that'll give you the time to catch up. 


Sunday, December 20, 2009

GLEE! And Body Wash?

Oh, my god.  I just finished watching Sectionals! Not to give away anything, but let me tell you the last 2 episodes will leave you speechless and satisfied, but yet, still want more.  We won't be seeing any new episodes until April 2010, though.  Wow! Ah-mazing. :-o

**Check out the latest Glee episodes on!**

I'm reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.  I'll let you know how it goes. . . :)

Something weird happened to me with my body wash.  I got out of the shower and realized that i was covered with glitter! Not like as if you had a glitter fight in art class, more like tiny sparkles so tiny that you can't scrub it off.  I'm like a freaking Edward Cullen now. . . just greaat.


So which brand do you think makes glitter in their body wash?

A. Dove

B. Olay

C. Bath & Body Works

D.  None of the above

Please place your answer in the comment part of this post. Thank you!

December News: Brittany Murphy Dead

Brittany Murphy pronounced dead at 10:04 A.M. today Cedars-Sinai Medical Hospital.  She was found collapsed in her bathroom.  She appeared to have died from natural causes, but there is yet to be an autopsy and tests performed yet.  She was 32.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yeah, I was getting sick of the dark template so I changed it to a lighter version. 

Shortest post eva!


Picture Time!

I Really Dislike. . .

  • Animal cruelty and dog fighting (What good does it do?)
  • Hospitals
  • Funeral homes
  • pancakes (I prefer waffles; it's a texture thing. .)
  • Liars
  • obnoxious persistant men
  • stalkers (doesn't everyone though?)
  • very pervy people (It's one thing to have a pervish mind, but it's a step over the line when you get all creepy about it. . )
  • Ego manicas (Why are they so popular these days?! Why don't other people see this?!)
  • extreme competitive drive in sports (It's just a game, you guys, I mean, come on.)
  • manditory reading/writing (Feeling forced to do something doesn't make you enjoy doing it, ya know? Lives don't depend on it. .)
  • WRITING ROUGH DRAFTS (Geez, it's a waste of paper, people!  We have pencils, use the eraser and fix your mistakes!)
  • Lame-oh movies that destroy good books they premise on **cough**Twilight**cough**
Don't you agree? Got anything else to add to the list?


Friday, December 18, 2009

Check This Out

I have a friend that writes incredible stories.  Please read them.  They're awesome.

Here's the link:

[Hey Hannah, thank you for the Christmas gifts!  I checked out the Letters From Home; my favorite so far.  Don't give up! You're a much more talented writer than I am, and will ever be.] 

I did it! I met somebody new! WOOO! I didn't back down! (Check out my previous post if you don't understand what I'm talking about)

Can somebody tell me if the Countdown to Christmas thingy is working. . . I can't tell if it is or not. 

Hannah has 91 people read her work.  I really want to beat her! Get maybe, uh, 95-100 followers?  NEED SOME HELP THOUGH!  Help me get more followers! Many thanks! [Please don't ge mad at me, Hannah!]


I got a video for you!

Let me know what you think!


Christmas is the time for giving so if anybody has a question or needs advice I'm willing to give out advice!

Don't be shy!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog/If You Buy a Song On iTunes Does That Mean That You "Own It" And Can Use It In a Video For Youtube?

I've been interested in creating videos lately and I wanted to know about "owning songs". 

The answer to this question is no, you can not own "own a song" if you buy it on iTunes or any other place you buy songs.  They are still copyrighted. I suggest stating that the songs that you use or post on the internet are not owned by you.  I've seen people on YouTube do this and it seems to work.

-------------------------BLOG TIME----------------------------

I want to make a shout-out to BB! She's my first Follower! Thank you sooo much!  I've had a rough week and I was so happy to see proof that at least someone was reading my blog. I took a look at your blog page and loved it.  Happy Birthday! Congrats for getting 40 people to follow your blog! Happy Holidays BB!!!

I'm getting obsessed with Glee!  Okay, I got to admitt, some of the performances get a bit melodramatic.  I love it all the same.

I'm really into White Collar. Matt Bomer is gorgeous! {I heard he's gay though, is he?!}

I can't wait till Chuck comes back! Go Chuck!

I've dropped watching Heroes.  It's gotten to complicated and there's too many characters to follow up on.

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I bombed my speech yesterday.  And my presentation today didn't go as planned (Does anything anymore go as planned?). 

Today I vowed that I'd step out of my Comfort Zone and introduce myself to someone that I don't know, buuut I forgot I had a meeting this morning and I didn't get to do it this morning. TOMORROW FOR SURE!  ;)

That's it.  COOOOMMMMEEEENT! I'm begging!


Shweaty Balls.
(If you've seen SNL you'd understand. . . )

December News: Tragedy For The Cincinnati Bengals, Woods Update, Christmas


Chris Henry, a reciever for the Cincinnati Bengals, has died today.  He was thrown off the back of a truck after a dispute with his fiancee.  He recieved life threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital.  At 6:36 A.M. this morning, he died.  He was 26 years old. 

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no coyright infringement intended]

Wood's supposedly has 14 mistresses now. Way to sink yourself into a bigger hole Tiger. . .

Christmas is almost HERE! Yay! 8 more days. . . I'm going to try to out a countdown thingy up.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's Going Through My Mind Right Now. . .

Alex O'Loughlin is ah-mazingly beautiful!

Oh, Jim Carrey is awesome!

Speeches suck.

I hate crying.

Funerals suck.

Betty White is adorable.

I want Christmas to be here!

I don't want the Border's store to close! I hate libraries.  (I feel so rushed to read a library book!)

That Target Lady freaks me out!

I wish people would comment on my Blog!  I feel like no one's reading it! (Of course, there could be a chance that no one really reads my Blog. . sniff.)

Life's complicated.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tired of Everything Being About Vampires?

Then check out The Runaways by 4LetterWordx3.  

It's about 3 friends who run away from their moody, hot-headed parents, and who eventually find out that their parents were former werewolves.  One of the main characters, a girl named Silver, hasn't gotten her "mark*" yet and so the vampires** are after her for a "gift" that she has, but doesn't know about until she almost dies. . .

*In the story, when a werewolve's child turns 16, they get their "mark". Meaning, they become werewolves themselves.

**And, YES, she does have vampires in her story! Every story needs a little antagonism to make the story plot more interesting! And, plus, their not the main focus here; it's about werewolves!

Please check out The Runaways!


Friday, December 11, 2009

December News: Tiger Woods Update Update

Woods is putting his golfing career on hold to try to fix the damage done on his family.  This hold is indefinite.  He says on his website: "I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person."

Good luck with that Tiger...

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Review: New Moon Movie

New Moon was 100x better than Twilight.  Chris Weitz did a wonderful job sticking to the book.  Catherine Hardwicke disappointed many of the Twilight fans by changing many of the scenes from the book into the movie.  The Twilight movie was rushed and it showed in the movie.  The special effects were cheesy and acting was poor.  The Cullen family was in at least 2 scenes, which was disappointing.  They really should have developed the friendship between Alice and Bella in Twilight because in New Moon they "magically" became best friends and are buddy-buddy when in Twilight there was barely any interaction between them at all.

Weitz did a great job cleaning up the mess that Hardwicke left behind.  Taylor Lautner did a fantastic job.  And I'm not saying that because he's "hot"! He did a wonderful job portraying Jacob's emotions and his friendship with Bella.  Kristen Stewart improved from the previous movie.  Before, her acting akward and stiff. Painfully obvious that she was nervous. Now, she seems to act more freely and confident. 

Robert Pattinson improved minimally since the last movie.  No matter how high your status is in the unstable world of fame, your acting has to improve or people will see that you stink and your career in acting will fall apart.  And you have to wonder, maybe this movie was better because Pattinson wasn't in it as much as he was in Twilight? I mean, come on, we all know that looking through his "hotness" and his accent, his acting is poor.  The one movie I've scene that his acting was pretty good was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Overall, it was pretty good.  It was a bit long, but, of course, her books are pretty large. . .


[Picture found on Stephenie's webpage:
No copyright infringement intended]

Thanks for reading.  Leave comments or questions please.


Review: Samsung Impression (AT&T)

Samsung Impression (a877) is a fantastic messaging phone.  It has a full slide out keyboard perfect for people who have a hard time with a standard phone's numeric pad.  In text message mode, this phone has 4 different ways to write.  (1) Slide out keyboard (2) Virtual keyboard (3) Virtual numeric pad (4) Handwriting mode.  Calling quality is very good (4/5) I'm able to talk to the other person without repetition and vice versa. The 3.0 mega pixel camera is nice and the editing features are fun to mess with.  There's a Wiget bar on the left side of the screen that has GPS, Internet Shortcut, Favorites, Favorite Contacts, Music Player, Bluetooth, and etc. Very handy for people who use that kind of stuff. 

The Impression also is the first phone to be launched in the US with an AMOLED screen.  It shows more vibrate colors in your pictures and has a brighter screen than most cell phones.  The colors are truely remarkable.  It's almost like looking at a National Geographic Magazine.

Battery life is okay (3/5).  The battery life lasts about 2-3 days for me.  However, battery life differs with each phone.  I've heard that one charge can last up for a week for other people. 

One last thing before we wrap this up: the lock button.  It is the worst thing I've ever had problems with.  It hard to push because the phone slides with it when you try to press it--which is very annoying.  Also, you have to hold it down about 2 seconds to get it unlock.  If I were Samsung, I would have put the unlock on the top of the phone so when you pressed it the keyboard wouldn't move.   

Oh, there's also a Short Cut Menu on the left side of the phone.  It contains: Call, Messaging, MEdia Net, Music Player, Games and Apps, and End All. That's very helpful in case you don't want to go through the whole menu to get to messaging or the Internet.

Okay. I think I've covered everything, in general.  If you have any questions, then please ask!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

December News: Tiger Woods Update

*Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with 13 mistresses.  Can you believe it? 13! Some people say that he did it because his wife wasn't happy in America.  She had no friends here and mostly kept to herself.  And apparently that didn't make Woods  "happy" in his marriage.  So he started having affairs.  I feel so sorry for Elin and her children.  How could Woods do this to his family? And once more Elin is staying with Tiger, but there's talk that she's filing for divorce.  Also, there's a rumor that a text message from one of his "lady friends" sparked the fight on that fateful day when he crashed into the fire hydrate.

*Some of this is based on rumor and fact. 

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Do Girls "Freak Out" When Guys Say Something Wrong?

Such a common question from guys. We, girls, "freak out" because we are sensitive and prone to seeing the wrong side of things. For example: a friend of mine told me a story about her and her boyfriend. She was cussing her breath because apparently her day hadn't gone so well. Her boyfriend got on her and told her that "it's a turnoff when girls cuss". (And some of you girls who are probably reading this and are saying, "Ooh!" [I know I did!]) And that's how she reacted too. She got into an even worse mood because she was offended. Of course, her boyfriend didn't understand why he made her more upset. Now, there are two view-points to this:

(1) Boy's view: I was just telling her that I don't like it when she cusses. Why is she so mad at me? What did I do wrong?

(2) Girl's view: Oh, my god. He thinks I'm a turnoff! He doesn't like me! Does he see I made a mistake? Will he break up with me?

Girls tend to be more sensitive when they're in a relationship. They want to make it work so, sometimes, they overwork themselves. They want you to like them even if they have you as their boyfriend; they don't want to lose you. When a girl's in her first relationship, she's super nervous; watching her every move to make sure she doesn't mess everything up. It's a lot of pressure and us, girls, can't help it.

What to do about it? Nothing! You can't tell girls to not get offended. It's our nature. Try watching what you say and how you say it. And if you mess up, then just laugh it off and say, "My bad. I didn't mean it that way. Please don't get offended. What I meant was. . .". (Keep in mind: you don't have say what you really meant if you can't produce a explanation (or an excuse).

Also, girls, keep in mind, too, that boys don't really know how to act in front of girls. They don't know how to act or talk around us and sometimes they say something that might mean one thing to them, but sound like something totally different to us. Boys are human and they make mistakes. Try not to jump on their case, and just give the the benefit of the doubt.

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What To Do When A Loved One Dies. . .

Hola! You know how you're in a store and you hear this great song and you can't figure out the name of it? I did! (At Sears, actually.) I found out it was Sweet and Low by Augustana. And maybe if I'm lucky I'll help you solve the same dilemma! Here's one that I heard on the radio yesterday: Second Chance-by Shinedown.
Click the link to listen to the song!

How to deal with losing a loved one. I know how you feel. At 1:00 last night, my grandfather died. At first, it seemed like I had no emotion. Nothing. I wasn't shocked--he'd been in the hospital for awhile--and I didn't cry! If you have or had that same feeling; it's OKAY! It's normal; you're most likely in a state of shock and just don't realize it. Throughout the whole day, I felt. . . odd. Like something was out of place. I suggest if you have any issues with the situation or bottled-up emotions that you'd like to let out, see a counselor. Middle, Junior, and High Schools usually have a guidance counselors you can talk to. There are also professional counselors to go too. However, a session can get really expensive. Try talking to a relative that you're close to. Then you can share you feelings about your loss. (Make sure that that relative is ready to talk; they may be to upset to talk about the something like that so soon. . . )

How to tell your kids? I would sit them down at a table or couch and tell it to them gently. You could start out with: "Name(s) of son(s)/daughter(s), your ____ has moved on to a better place (or passed on). . . ". Try to not used the words "died" or "dead" with younger children. It's a bit harsh. Use "moved on" or "passed on" when telling them the news. For older children, like preteens and teenagers, you don't have to be as gentle. If they are aware of the situation--maybe that loved one was in the hospital or nursing home or fatally ill--, it's okay not to be as gentle. But if it's a sudden, out-of-the-blue situation, tell them the news with , well, gentleness (there really isn't any other word to describe it). Remember: teenagers get really moody and crabby when they are stressed and/or misunderstood. Do not treat them like a 6 year-old who doesn't understand death or doesn't get what's going on. Most teenagers do get it, and sometimes it aggravates them when you treat them like they don't. Others sometimes want to be comforted during this time of sadness. If their eyes glaze over (about to cry), turn away and/or put hands on their face, or they look nervous means that they want you to say something comforting. Ask them if they want to talk about it, if they say no then move on to a different subject. (I suggest a funny subject; it'll ease they discomfort and awkwardness..)

Good Luck! You can get through this! Comment or ask questions! If there's a topic you want to hear or ask about go ahead. I'm all ears!



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Blog!

First blog. Wow, I can't believe I'm writing my first blog! I'm so excited! So basically this is an ask-questions-talk-about-latest-news-journal-pretty-much-everything type of blog. (If there's actually that type of blog out there...) So ask for advice! Just call me Ally-Cat! Okay? Okay. I'll also be asking you guys to answer some of my questions too! But not all the time. Ha, that would be annoying.

About Me: I like to read (so give me some recommendations please!) and listen to some good music. Paramore is one of my favorite bands. I like songs that make you think. I have 2 dogs and one cat. (BTW I'm totally mad at my cat because she jumped into one of my drawers and made a nest in there). Oh! I also like to cook! Expert grilled-cheese maker!! I like a good action movie, but no blood & guts stuff. That grosses me out. I didn't know where I want to go in life but possibly being a professional writer wouldn't be to bad.
So that's a few things about me. Please be nice in your comments. NO CUSSING PLEASE!

See Ya Around!


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