Sunday, January 31, 2010

Men Can Be So Lucky

I'm extremely sad.
I've disappointed myself.
I've had 0 visitors for at least 5-6 days.

Happy days never stay for very long.



Well. I bought a dress.  Sadly, I can't tell you what it looks like because of two reasons:

1) I love making my dresses a secret from my friends.  It's just fun that way. ;)

2) My friends read my blog.  They'll find out if I say what it looks like. 

I promise that I will try to get a picture of it after it's not longer a secret! 

So you can guess why I have a dress.  Yeah, I'm going to a dance.  Whoop de-do. Problem?  I can't dance.  At. All.  Zip. Nada.  Nothing. 
I've tried.  From a bystander's POV, it's like watching a badly acted comedy movie that goes on for hours.  Although, I won't dance for hours, but you get the point. 
I'm kind of freaking out, you guys!  I'm wearing heels! I can't walk in heels very well! I'll fall flat on my face. 
Another thing: I still need to decide what to do with my hair! Argh!!! I think I'm going insane.

Men have it easy.  They just have to where a suite (or tux) and some shiney shoes and be on there way.  Girls have to decide what dress to wear.  What kind of dress it should be.  What the color is, and how long it should be.  Then we have hair: up or down? Curly or straight? What make-up to wear? What kind of jewelry: gold or silver? And shoes! Heels or no heels? What color should the shoes be? Closed or open toe? Strappy or not strappy? How high of heels should I get?
I am I right or am I right?

Valentine's Day is coming!
(I'm not talking about the movie.)

Well everyone, I hope that I can get more visitors back.  Comments would probably make me really happy.

See ya!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Do I Use Smooth Away?

Well, in case you couldn't (or wouldn't) read the directions, This is how it works.

  1. Place one of the special sticky (Seriously it's super sticky!) pads on to the "smoothing device" very carefully. Make sure it fits perfectly during your FIRST TRY. ( it gets all messed up if you try to fix it...)
  2. (Say your smoothing your legs) rub in a circle three times one way, and then three times the other way.
  3. To get it completely smooth do Step 2 three times. 
REMEMBER: Do not press to hard when in use.  It can hurt you.  It could give you a bad rug burn or worse open up you skin and burn.  Please use with caution.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adam Lambert

You're going to hate me for saying this, but I do not like that guy.  He's not a good role model.  I don't care how good he is at singing, his atittude stinks and his screaming gets a bit old.  And now I hate myself for saying this, but I like "Whataya Want From Me".

I found it hilarious that this Youtuber has a video with the title "Adam Lambert-What ya want from me with the cute pictures" when a little over half way through the video you see a picture of Lambert flipping off the crowd on stage. 
Ooh, yeah! Real "cute."

Alrighty, You must have noticed I changed the templete again.  Bear with me, people.  This weekend hopefully I'll get this all figured out. 

I got my first foreign comment and it's super awesome!

Seli from New Zealand! YAY!

It's been my dream since 2 weeks ago when people started commenting again--Right? 2 weeks? IDK!.

Thank you!

Yo quería ser diferente, así que decidí escribir en español. Sin embargo, mi Spainsh es muy débil, así que estoy usando una herramienta de Google Translate que me ayude! Si uno realmente puede engañador esto sin un traductor, you are amazing. Kutzos para usted! ;)

I bet you have no idea what this^ says. . . Well,  I won't tell you! Wahahahaha!

I made another Justin Bieber portait.  But I will not show you guys until I get more comments and more visitors!!

I know, I'm being mean today.  . . Please don't hate me. 


Monday, January 25, 2010

50th Post

Welcome to the 50th Post of That's What She Said!
Hopefully by the time you see this the whole page will be changed.  I like to spice things up every once in a while.  I hope you all like it. Give me feedback!

HEAD'S UP: I've been experimenting with the templetes--as you may have noticed last night--so sometime this week things are going to get crazy.  So just be aware that the blog will be "down" for a couple of hours as I try to not pull my hair out and make this blog actually look presentable...
FYI: The header's picture is not something I drew.  I have no idea what the pictures about.  It just looks cool and it kind of ties into the "That's What She Said" theme. . .

I do want to mention that I tried and didn't work.  I have no idea how to make things look right here without words overlapping others and la-de-da.  (I'll try it again sometime this week as I said before.)

If anyone knows how to make everything look great and yet not use the blogger templetes then PLEASE tell me!
Ever have one of those days where you feel you want to throw in the bag and shout, "Give me a break! I'm just human!" 
Well, I guess you could say I'm having one of those days. 
I hate projects.  Too much stress.
Hats off to Conan!
As you may know: Friday was his last show. 
He did something very sweet.
He his band used a Rolling Stone and a Beatles song.
And when you use songs done by other artists you have to pay the publisher for using them on your show.
However, the show doesn't pay for it.
The network does!
The network has to pay three quarters of a million dollars.

Best farewell gift ever.
Empathy is gone.  I took it off as promised.

In case you haven't noticed I follow Weirdos From Mars.  Well, anyway, the creater of said blog kind of got a rude comment on one of her posts. 

Here's what it says: "you ramble on to much you just try and fil the box some times just say whats going on"

I don't know about you, but first reading it it sounded kinda rude.

However, something to always remember as a blogger: you run the risk of getting critized.  Sometimes we take it harshly and other times we shrug it off and say "whatever."

You want the know the best way? If the comment isn't that bad (meaning: no one's cussing you out or saying something extremely rude) then ignore it or delete it if possible.  However, if they persist to keep writing more nasty comments and they proceed to get worse then it's time to report them or call them out on it--Be nice about it! Fighting gets you no where! Tell them to cut it out and warn them that you'll report them if they kept it up. 
If the problem still procises report them to Blogger or who helped you create your blog.

For the 50th post I wanted to share with you another hobby that I practice ever since I was in 2nd grade: origami.  My first ever creation was the balloon.  And through the years I've made a variety of origami in many different sizes.  I've just learned how to do make dollar bill origami. 

Do not take this picture with out giving me credit.  Thank you for understanding.

Im really sorry about the blurriness.  I use a video camera to take my pictures and as you can tell they aren't the best. 

Thanks to all for reading and stuck with me even though I'm not a great blogger.  ;)  You guys are the best. 

Thank You.

Think we can make it to 100?


Sunday, January 24, 2010

49th Post

Hurray! The 49th post is here!

Anyways, I really do like Wuthering Heights.  Did you know that made a song about it?!

It's stuck in my head. :)

Okay, I don't know if you've noticed this, but I've been messing around on this blog and everything's gone wacky.
To be honest, I'm freaking out.  I think I screwed up the templete.  I'm working hard to get everything to normal. 
Please bear with me. 
Oh, my. My hands are shaking.  Oooh! This is baad.

I'll fix this!


Friday, January 22, 2010


Writer's Note: Thanks to Hannah I feel better about putting this work up.  I mentioned earlier that I had a strange feeling about my poem.  I have no idea why I had this feeling and what it ment exactly, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore. And Hannah, I did get rid of most of my "then's."   :)

I Walked the Bloody Streets
By: Ally-Cat

In the air there was dust and the smell of flesh.
The dust clung to the ground and would not disperse.

Yet, I walked.

I walked the bloody streets.
Streets that were covered with debre,
and bodies of every sort.
The bodies.
So many.

So much blood.

I saw it all.

I saw people who had lost their hopes;
the little that they had.
I saw broken dreams and dying happiness.
I saw "fools" who had faith in good comings, staring blankly up into the sky: Why?
I saw the once prideful of the little they had look to the ground, expressionless: shamed.
I saw beauty fade, and the harsh truth glare at me straight in the eye. 
Then I knew:

We may never reach the light.

Shall it always be far from grasp?
We may be stuck in this deep, darkened pit,
clawing and struggling to climb out, but falling roughly to the bottom,
defeated at last.

I stumbled.

My steady pace interupted by the truth.

I fell.

I laid there, refusing to pull myself up, for what was there to do after?
There was no hope,
and not a sign of any life.
Prayer was of no good.
My faith was dissolving with every intake of breath.

As if on que, I saw it.
There it was.
Maybe my mind was toying with me, but it truly looked real.

The light.

I saw the light through the dust and grime.

I sat up.

This was my sign.
This was my hope.
Faith was renewed.

I heard the voices.
Crys that were desperate for a sign of life.
I couldn't let them be disappointed.

I stood.

Stronger now.
I took the first step;
my first step to salvation.

A tear streaming down my face.


Please give whatever you can to the people of Haiti. 


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome New Follower!

Thank you for joining, Roxy!  Much appreciated. :)

I'm still in a state of shock from the big jump of visitors on my blog.  Thank you all. You're terrific and keep it up.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. xD


I wrote a poem about the Haiti disaster.
I edited and rewrote for about an hour.
I'm afraid to put it up.
It's long and sad.
I just can't decide.
So I'm having Hannah check over it tomorrow and I'm going to discuss it with her.
I know this sounds so silly, but I have a strange feeling from this poem.  I can't explain it. 
Sorry to disappoint.

Wuthering Heights is slowly getting better.  I'm beginning to get the hang of the language. However, sometimes I have to read a part over again because the subject is not clear with the action.  There's too much use of pronouns.

Good things just never seem to last do they?
Again my nerves are on thin ice for tomorrow.  I'm kind of scared and excited, uh, but mostly scared.  It's nothing bad or anything, just certain circumstances that make me uncomfortable.

Does that make sense?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Got Money! And You Know!

Actually, I don't have much money (my source of income is a little dry right now...), but I do have "Got Money" by Lil' Wayne stuck in my head.

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday.  I had work to do and I was up working on it since it's due Thurs.
Blogs will be scattered this week and the next. 

I'm on Chapter 3 of Wuthering Heights and I think I'm making progress.  It's getting less dreary, but more weird. . .

Weird's okay. Sometimes.
^ Do you remember Bob from Youtube comments? The copy-and-paste dude. Annoying little sucker.

The thing I was nervous about doesn't bother me too much anymore; who knows about the future though.
This is a random blog.  And that was a random sentence. . .

Donate, contribute. Do whatever.  They had another earthquake today.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Alrighty,  I got some news. I had a HUGE jump from 10 visitors on Friday to 24 visitors Saterday.  Geez, people! You guys are scarying me! WHERE DID YOU GUYS COME FROM?!

Happy MLK Day everyone!  Go Freedom!  I remember seeing a clip of I Have A Dream speech, but we were having audio problems--meaning: words were coming out his mouth before he actually said them--so I didn't quite get the full effect I was hoping for. 
Later,  I found audio and a copy of the speech and I was able to listen to its entirety. 
I was very moved.  I felt I have a better respect for the American American community.  Let me note, I am not a racist.  I don't understand why we have to judge people by their skin color.  What's the point? There are a lot of talented people in the African American community.  And where did we get the genre Blues? And Hip-Hop? Rap?  And who is our President?!  I'm not saying that white men and women are incompetent. No, they do a lot for this country as does everyone else. 

We just need to accept others, no matter what race.
( )  ( )
( - .- )
(       )o


I'm on Chapter 3 of Wuthering Heights
It's deary.  I hope it gets better. 

I don't like deary. 

Oh, does anyone know if wearing a ring that turns your finger green is a good idea?

For reasons I do not want to clarify, I'm completely nervous about tomorrow.  If I don't post then I'm probably napping or really sore. . .

And no, I won't be fighting tomorrow. . .


Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Doing Something I Don't Normally Do...

I'm reading an old book.  Yes, my friends, I'm reading a book that was written in 1847 under the name Ellis Bell.  However, that was not the true author's name. It was: Emily Bronte.

Yep, I've started Wuthering Heights

For years now, I could not read old books. At. All. The language is so far off from our modern tongue I practically pulled my hair out when in my first sitting with any old book.  Uncle Tom's Cabin was like torture for me.  I had to get Spark Notes to get it done.  I had only made it to the 2nd chapter. 
There has been one book that I, forcefully, got through as a school project.  To Kill A Mocking Bird.  I actually enjoyed that one toward the end, to my surprise.

FUN FACT: I usually can't enjoy any book that I get assigned. 

Force reading, as I like to call it, means pressure on me to read the book, and to some extent, like the book.  That's a big No-No for me.  I get a rushed and flustered and it isn't a good experience. 

So one day I figured: Hey! Why not read an old book on your own time?

Just as an experiment. I'll tell you have I do as I go along.  If I get along.  *Sigh* I really need to be more optimistic.

I took down the comments part of For My Friend, Hannah. 
I'm too insecure to allow people to comment on a personal story like that.  It's not my proudest moment of my life, and the written piece it's self isn't the best.  So until I'm really confident that my work is good enough to at least be satisfying and won't make me self-conscience there will be no comments for written work. :(

Anyone else bothered as to what song plays in the background the the trailer of the new movie Leap Year?  I found the answer!

I Want You by Kelly Clarkson

Alright, lastly--you guys are probably tired of hearing this--my test run for Empathy will last till next Friday.  If I get no hits.  It's a no go.

Anyways, I'm going to start this book and do some writing.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

To My Friend, Hannah.

Be Judged Or Be The Judger
By: Ally-Cat

Dedicated to: Hannah, a new friend.

It was her first day. 

It was everyone's first day truthfully.  The day you see everyone you'll be around with for four years.  The day you recieve your first impressions of others and vice versa.

The time to be judged or be the judger.

That day, she saw her. 
And she wasn't the first "smart" girl she'd seen that day.  Everyone was smart compared to her.   Luckily, this shy girl was able to sit next to the smart-looking girl. 

Wow, she's writing! 
Oh, my god! Her handwriting is soo good!
Man, I really want to say something. It's just so intimidating.  She's so intimidating. 
She seems so smart! What if she thinks I'm a total idiot?! 
Ugh, I'll never be able to make friends if I talk. At all.  My words trip over one another and come out in a studder. 
I can never say anything right. 
Huh, she holds her pencil interestingly. 
She reminds me of my friend.  Writing nonstop.  But that friend isn't here anymore.  If she were here she sure would have said something to her by now. 

What's wrong with me?!

Okay stop look at her. People will think you're weird.

The shy, awkward girl turns her head.  But the war inside her head still rages on.

God, say something. Anything! Ask her what she's writing!
 No, that sounds too noisy. 

 Introduce yourself!

The shy, awkard girl turns her head ever so slightly.  If an outsider would have been watching, they would have noticed a trembling hand of the girl and her eyes dart around nervously. 

The shy, awkward girl jerks her head back.

Wonderful, not only have you probably brought attention to yourself, but you're too chicken to talk to one person.  Wimp.

On the outside the shy, awkard girl didn't show any emotion, but on the inside she cursed herself for letting herself down once again. 

Author's Note: Basically, I wrote about a girl who lacks self-esteem and can't muster up the courage to talk to this girl sitting next to her.  In italic's is her thoughts, her conflict, going inside her mind.  She over thinks her actions and words.  Worries constantly and all this holds her back. 
Oh, and something else, this was me.  And the girl next the "shy, awkward girl", was Hannah.  And that's when I first met her. 
Hannah is now a fantastic friend. She's even writing something for me.  I can't wait to see it! She's so wonder and nice in real life! She has a great talent for writing and is 1000x better at it than I am. 

I figured: if she is making me something, why not make her something nice for her? 

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I Have 111 Visits And Some History Of That's What She Said!

Yay! I checked my Google Analytics. Isn't this wonderful?! I never thought that That's What She Said would get 111 visits.  I also hit a record breaking 10 visits yesterday.  THANK YOU!  I know that "10 visits" isn't a lot, but on my scale this is momentous! So as my gift to you: I added a Recent Posts gadget to the left side bar.  I hope it will help you navigate through the blog a bit better.  It's annoying for me to actually have to scroll down to see some of my own posts so I imagine it's a pain in the butt for you guys too.  It's not much of a gift, but I did my best.  Also, there is a search bar that will allow you to search my blog for a later post. 


Empathy is something I really want to see succeed.  It was actually part of the reason that made me start this blog.  I wanted to hear people's opinion as much as I wanted to answer peoples questions as well.  So as another "gift" I'll give you some history as to how That's What She Said was born:

It started when I was looking up a complicated question on Yahoo Answers.  I could not find the answer and it was bothering me.  I looked on Ask, Google, Bing, Road Runner, and even YouTube.  I tried to reword the question so that, maybe on a margin of hope, I could find the answer.  Yet, still, I couldn't find the answer.  I thought: This is ridculous! I wonder how many other people run into the same problem? That's what popped the idea in my head to start a blog. The idea was  to make a blog for people who had really complicated questions and needed some way to ask and get an answer.  Whether it was an advise question, a book question, or a random question, I would be there to answer or at least, try to answer it as best as possible.  Then later on, I figured why not have everything you could think of on the blog? There's no rule as to saying I couldn't!  So I went for it.  The everything-in-one package blog. 
Not only has this given me the freedom to write to people and show my opinions, it is also a way for everyone who reads to give out their opinions as well.  That's why I allow everyone to comment--not just members of Blogger!--, and that's why I also started Empathy.  I really want to see people discuss and speak out.
Remember the post: Dating Questions?
I remember I got a hit on that. Need any make-up advice? How to's? More dating advice? Girl problems? Guy problems? There has to be something on your mind. . .


Friday, January 15, 2010

Review: Everwild

From now on: there will be a nonspoiler review and a spoiler review.  It's been to hard to not put spoilers in my book reviews.  I don't even think my reviews are than good without them.  Nonspoilers first, spoilers last.


Description: In this riveting sequel to "Everlost," Nick, the Chocolate Ogre, wants to help the children of Everlost reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Mary Hightower wants to trap the children forever, and joins Pugsy Capone, Death Boss of Chicago, who gains allies in a terrible way.

Everlost was a great book, but the sequel knocks it out of the water.  Again Neal's writting is unique, and now-a-days, his writting style is hardly used anymore.  I couldn't put the book down!  There were plenty of new characters which moved the story along.  I got very involved with the plot.  It was fun to read, and brillantly written.  I would recommend this series to anyone. Young Adult or not.

(5/5) Very well done. Bravo.


Description: There was the rumor of a beautiful sky witch, who soared across the heavens in a great silver balloon. And there were whispers of a terrible ogre made entirely of chocolate, who lured unsuspecting souls with that rich promising smell, only to cast them down a bottomless pit from which there was no return. Everlost, the limbo land of dead children, is at war. Nick the "Chocolate Ogre" wants to help the children of Everlost reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Mary Hightower, self-proclaimed queen of lost children and dangerous fanatic, is determined to keep Everlost's children trapped within its limbo for all eternity. Traveling in the memory of the Hindenburg, Mary is spreading her propaganda and attracting Afterlights to her cause at a frightening speed. Meanwhile, Allie the Outcast travels home to seek out her parents, along with Mikey, who was once the terrifying monster the McGill. Allie is tempted by the seductive thrill of skinjacking the living, until she learns a shocking secret: Those who skinjack are not actually dead. Critically acclaimed author Neal Shusterman writes a book about life, death, and how the choices we make define ourselves in this luminous sequel to Everlost, which Orson Scott Card called "marvelously inventive...and magically beautiful."

Overview of the Characters
Allie-(aka Allie the Outcast) She is my favorite Everlost character.  She's pretty, intelligent, and caring. Allie hates Mary and knows that she is wrong in keeping Afterlights in Everlost. She is unlike other Afterlights because she can skinjack.   We first see her in Everwild, as a finder, traveling with Mikey McGill.  Then she runs into a group of skinjackers.  One of them a very charming and handsome Milos.  Mikey and her travel to Memphis with the group of skinjackers.  On the way she learns new ways to skinjack.  She also, later, finds that she is not dead.
Nick- (aka Chocolate Ogre) the chocolate has now spread to almost his entire body.  Nick is also a smart guy, and has changed much from the way he was when he was a newly Afterlight.  Johnny-O and he have teamed together to send Afterlights to get where they were going.  However, Nick also believes that Mary will start a war against him and so he travels to Everwild (the south) on a train run by Charlie and meets many Afterlights and Zach the Ripper and tries to get them to help him defeat Mary. 
Mary Hightower- (aka Megan Mary McGill) She is beautiful and cunning. She died hundreds of years ago with her brother Mikey, and had been proclaimed "Queen of Snots" when she lived in the NY Twin Towers. Now she travels in the Hindenburg with Speedo as the pilot.  She still loves Nick, but hates that he's betrayed and now opposes her.  She is quite frankly, crazy.  She is obessed with the Afterlight children.  She wants them to be with her so that she can watch over them as they find there "special activity".  She is a character you love to hate.  She teams up with the Death Boss of Chicago.  She also meets a skinjacker named Jackin' Jill.  There, in Chicago, she unveils something that makes her plans enhance even more and makes her look even more crazier than ever before.  Will she be defeated by Nick? Will her plan succeed?
Mikey McGill- (aka The McGill)  Once a feared monster of Everlost, is now a finder that travels with Allie and tries to help her in her journey to finding her way home.  Not the brightest Afterlight in the book, but not the dumbest either. He also has the ablity to change his apearance by will; this he keeps a secret.  Mikey loves Allie even though he doesn't fully acknowledge it until 1/4th of a way into the book.  He becomes jealous of Allie and Milos and runs away after seeing them kissing, leaving Allie heartbroken.  Filled with misery, Mikey changes back to the McGill and takes over a group of Afterlights and makes them his minions.  Will Mikey ever see Allie again?
Zach the Ripper-(aka Zinna) She is 14 years old. She died in the Civil War. Yes, Zach is a girl.  She pretended to be a girl to get into the army.  Unfortunately, she dies from a cannon.  While in the tunnel, she remembers her family and how she left them behind so she grabs a piece of the light and head to Everlost.  This gives her the power to "rip" into the living world and take things out of it.  Later she finds the Challenger, a rocket, and lives there for a long time with her dog, Kudzu, collecting weapons from the living world.  Then she runs into the Chocolate Ogre and everything's changed. 
Milos- He is a skinjacker.  A Russian-born 17 years old who died by falling off a roof.  Milo's is out to get Jackin' Jill who betrayed his group and his feelings. Milos is desperate to love and be loved.  He falls to easily for girls and tries too hard to be loved back.  It's kind of creepy how dedicated he is to please the girl he "loves".  He is insane about it in his own little way. . .
Jackin' Jill- She is odd. She's mysterious. We don't get to see her side as much as the others.  We don't know how she dies, but I'm pretty sure she fell from a tree or something; we don't even know her age.  She betrays Milos and then goes to work for the Death Boss where she gets him "loyal" Afterlights.  But how she gets them is so. . . horrible.  Mary and Milos eventually find out what she does. 
I loved this book.  The new characters are brilliant!  Everything was fantastic.  Awesome job, Neal!

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I'm Baaack! [UPDATED]

I could cry because I'm so happy to be DONE with exams.  I'm sooo glad to be back to blogging That's What She Said. 

I had a really great link for you guys, but it's gone from my favorites. I apologize to a friend of my mine. I told them I'd be putting the link up here.
UPDATE: I undo my apology! I've found it! Project Fiction: The Resistance CHECK IT OUT! The link should lead to the "About" page.  It'll give you better insight on what the entire thing is all about.  If you enjoy the nonstereotypical online stories then click the link!

I've been dying to write a story that's been stuck in my head since Tues. I might post it, I might not.  Depends on how well it comes out.  Whenever I show a piece of work (whether it's a drawing, a portait, or a written piece) it's like showing a personal side of me.  It's kind of embarassing putting something like that out there, but I do it for my fans.  For you

Anyway, we'll see. . .

Wow, this Jay/Conan thing is getting really big.  I'm kind of proud that I did an article about it.  I really didn't expect it to become as huge as it has. 

I'm going to start something that everyone can participate in.  Be on the look out for it.  It'll be in my next post or so.

I really have nothing else to say except to keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts. God Bless.


Monday, January 11, 2010


ARGH! Something is wrong with me!! Or maybe it's been the recent comments gadget. . . (notice how it doesn't show '?)  But just now I noticed that I've been giving credit to the wrong person! AAAAAHHH. I'm so sorry Miss Shivi! Please me forgive me! BB sorry I've been giving you the wrong credit.  Oh gosh, this is horrible.  Please forget this ever happened. I'm going to edit the other posts now. 


^I don't understand why people keep asking me if I traced this, but the answer is NO I didn't trace it.

And, no, this is not traced either. >
^And this one's just a landscape that I drew 2 weeks ago. I apologize for the blurriness.


Again so sorry, Miss Shivi. 


I don't have good lighting so that's why Emmitt looks yellow. . . . my bad. :(

Do not take these pictures as your own.  And if you do use them, at least give me credit, alright? Fair is fair.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Thing About My News Part Of My Blog. . .

. . .is that I pretty much write a summary of some important or interesting stuff that I'd like to share with you all.  I don't copy and paste.  I give credit to the people who took the time to make the article I based my info. on.  They do not go on my blog and type up news for me. 

I just wanted to clear that up.


And if there is anything that you find offending here on That's What She Said, then by all means, tell me and I'll see to it that it comes off. But under the condition that you tell me why it's offending.  I need reasons, not just demands. 

Here are some more things  you might want to look up this week while I'm "gone".  Give you something to do.

Want to read something?

Want to be inspired?


Avril Lavigne anyone?

Ellen DeGeneres? Scared much?

The truth? What every girl should see. . .

The world's nothing without it's pranksters. . .

So darn cute!
Oh and I know I've posted a link to this website, but I just love Hannah to death so I'm going to promote her website again.  LINK!

Okay, and well, I'm kinda into manga.  So if you'd like to check out some of the stuff I've read then check out the ones below:

Vampire Knight [Continued]

Faster Than a Kiss [Continued]

*Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen's Alliance) [Completed]

*Full Moon [Complete]

Time Stranger Kyoko [Complete]

Special A [Complete]

Wild Ones [Complete]

* Questionable material: for ages 13 and up.



P.S. I know that some of you who are younger than 13 will be even more facinated by what's in the *'s manga.  Don't read the manga.  Trust me. If you start reading them and your parents find out. Ooh. Not good.  I'm not banning you, I'm just helping you keep from getting in trouble.  It's your choice though.

Let me know if one of the links doesn't work. I'll look into it. . .

Is Blogger Made Up of Mostly Germans?! (Nothing Against Germans!) [FIXED]

Not that I have anything against Germans, it's just that I was going through some bloggers who have the same interests as me and most of the people were from Germany (how cool is that?!)! Some Canadians, 2 from Brazil, 1 from Spain. . . Uh, a couple of US citizens, one from London (a former California sun-soaker!).  5 from Denmark, uh, 1 from Austraila, 3 UK's, 2 Argentina's, 1 Chile. . . Yeah, it was interesting to look at the diverse cultures and ethnicities (pretty sure I spelled that wrong. . .).
Anyway, how cool is that! Germans have the same interests as me, or vis versa.  Who knew that Germans like to write so much?

I've been doing portraits lately. . . I have pictures of them, but they're not uploaded to my computer yet.  I'll put one up and see what you think some time. :)
Real quick:
I want to apologize for the dreary no smoking post.  I was very unhappy and I, by venting, I made everyone depressed when they read it.  *Sigh* I want to thank Miss Shivi again, you really relieved my stress of the week with your question about coughing in front of smoking! *giggles* xD  Thank you. And thank your for my readers for putting up with me.

Everwild is taking me longer than I thought. I'm still on chapt. 6! It'll be a while till I review it.  I still have exams next week.  (Please hope that I do well! It's 20% of my grade! Yikes!!)

Ooh, a thought just crossed my mind: Conan O'Brien is really tall. 

Wanna know the song that plays during the title sequence of Accidently On Purpose?

Ans.: Rosenbergs Birds of a Feather

See ya!


January News: USF Coach Fired and Jay Leno Moving Back To Late Night?

USF Coach Fired

South Florida football coach, Jim Leavitt, was fired following an investigation that he stuck one of his sophmore players in the locker room.  AOL FanHouse first reported the firing.
The story goes that during the halftime for the Louisville on Nov. 21, Leavitt had grabbed a sophmore, Joel Miller, by the throat and hit him in the face twice for making a mistake on special teams.
Citing Miller's father, a high school coach and five USF players, FanHouse reported the story {above} but later, Miller's father said that Leavitt did not strike his son, but grabbed him by the shoulder pads "while trying to motivate the sophomore walk-on". 
Leavitt says he is "disappointed" about the allegation and says it's "absolutely false".
Leavitt leaves with a record 95-57.

Reported by Lynn Elber-AP Television Writer

Jay Leno Moving Back To Late Night?

NBC, is disappointed with the ratings for Leno's show, a new prime-time show, and are thinking about returning him to the 11:35 p.m. EST slot.  He had been the host of the "Tonight Show" for 17 years until the fall of 2009 he moved to his new show "The Jay Leno Show". 
NBC executives, on Thurs., discussed a plan that would include a half-hour of Leno (11:35p.m. EST), making Conan O' Brien's show "Tonight" move to 12:05 a.m., and Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" to 1:05 a.m.
In case you haven't seen Leno's show, it's pretty much a talk and comedy program at 10 p.m.; it's much like when he hosted the "Tonight Show" (except at a different time).
This new lineup could go into effect after the Feb. 12-28 Winter Olympics coverage.
This is what NBC had to say about Leno and O'Brien's shows:
"Jay Leno is one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today," said NBC. "As we have said all along, Jay's show has performed exactly as we anticipated on the network. It has, however, presented some issues for our affiliates. Both Jay and the show are committed to working closely with them to find ways to improve the performance."
There hasn't been any clarification for NBC whether Leno's show has been canceled.

Reported by Lynn Elber- AP Televisioin Writer (Associated Press)

All information is found from Road Runner News (Associated Press)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Made My Day! :D (UPDATE)(Fixed)

This question made my day today.  Thanks Miss Shivi.

Is it bad that I fake cough when I walk past smokers? ;)

*Laughs* Nah. I don't think it's bad to fake cough in front of smokers.  I mean, they're smoking, come on! That's bad enough!  I like to believe that it'll make them see how bad it is for them and for others who have to smell it.

Ah, greeaatest question I've gotten yet! :D


Sorry you guys that I haven't been on in awhile I've got exams next week so I've been studying all this week.  Just an FYI:  my usual daily post won't be so daily anymore.  

But while your waiting for new posts. . .

Last year, a friend told be to go to YouTube and type in "Charlie the unicorn". This is what I found. . .

Then last weekend I went on YouTube again and looked up filmcow, the producer of Charlie the Unicorn, to see if there was any new videos.  Well, there was this one that caught my eye: Llamas with hats.  It's kind of weird, but it made me laugh 'cause Carl's logic is so. . . odd.  Anyway before I give you a link, fair warning: the video might "offend" people. It does NOT have any racial or sexual judgment or anything, it just the topic they're discussing is kind of gross. 
Don't blame me if you find it "offending", I gave you a warning.   LINK!

Okay, sorry if it did offend people. . . I did not produce it. Don't complain to me. :(

I LOVE THIS SONG! Check it out!

Playing God by Paramore

See ya guys later!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Please, Don't Ever Ever Smoke

Please.  It's a horrible habit.  A deadly habit.  I had to watch my grandfather wither away because he smoked.  I've seen my great aunt who, even on a traveling respirator, smoked.  I loved her so dearly, but that awful habit destroyed her lungs.
If you didn't listen to anything I say in this blog, please, listen to me now. DO. NOT. SMOKE. EVER.  There are so many health risks that come with it.  I don't ever want to see someone suffer like that.

Alright, see ya.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dating Questions

Why are girls into "bad boys"?

It's thrilling to be with a bad boy.  The leather jacket, cool shades, motorcycle, the atittude. . . It's a turn on.  Some girls do it because they want to "change them". Turn a bad boy into devoted, in-love boyfriend.  But usually bad boys are players.  So if you're the best guy friend type who can't seem to get the girl? No worries. It's really just a phase we, girls, go through.  When it's really time to get down to business--finding a decent guy who loves you for you--guys like you are #1 pick. 

If I'm dating a "bad boy" what should I be careful of?

Falling in love. These guys are experts at charming and swooning women, just so they can *cough*you know*cough*.  Remember: it's not a relationship so keep your mind from thinking it'll become one because chances are, it won't.  We aren't in a novel, ladies, it's reality, let's get real.  Keep your smarts on, don't drink to much (if you do it will lead to your downfall), and REMEMBER: he's going to want to make you think he's falling for you so he'll say pretty things and junk like that.  Don't fall for it.  We are women! And we are not toys that you can play with and then throw away when you're bored with it! Good luck!

How much makeup should I wear during a date?

Not a lot.  Keep it natural or at least minimal.  Guys hate it when girls wear tons of makeup.  They say that it makes you look like a "racoon" or "a beaten up bimbo".  So in other words, don't look trashy, big turn off.

Should I or should I not kiss on the first date?

I say, that's up to you.  Are you comfortable with it? Do you want to kiss your date? Did you like your date that much to kiss them?  Many people do the Second Date Rule: if you go out with the same person a second time you may kiss them.  Do what ever you're comfortable with, but I suggest no French kissing on the first date.  That's just weird. . .

How old should you be to start dating?

I say 15-16 yrs. old.  But most people start at 12-13 yrs old.  To me that's really dumb.  Who wants that kind of pressure when your that young?  *smirk* Of course, depending on how old you are, it's up to your parents what age at which you should be dating. . .

What if someone asks you if you want to go on a date and you say yes, but then your crush, asks you if you want to go out and you want to say yes but are unsure. . What should you do?

I'd follow the "first come, first serve" rule.  Fate is fate.  I say, tell your crush that you were already asked. Go out with the first guy/girl.  If that date doesn't work out, the next time you see your crush, strike up a conversation with them and somehow bring up that it didn't work out with your other date and ask if they'd like to still go out.
But you never know, you might like the first person more than your crush. . .

Okay, what if someone asks you out, but you say you'll think about it, and then, your crush asks you out? What do you do?

Well, do you like the first person who asked you out? Sounds like if you said "I'll think about" means you don't want to at all.  Oh, boy. Okay, 2 choices here:
1. Say yes to one of them, but break the other person's heart in doing so.  But when rejecting them, BE HONEST, if they find out you lied to them your only going to make it worse.
2. Say no to both and hope for the best. No one gets hurt too bad. Plus, you won't have a bad conscience on your date if you picked choice #1.

I say go with #2, no matter how much you don't want to do it...

How do you know if the person your dating is into you?

If they're acting nervous.  Keep messing up, clumsy.  They could be making up cheesy jokes to make you laugh.  A girl would have a hard time looking you in the eye if you likes you (either that or she's mad at you!).  A guy will want to hold your hand and want to make you smile.  Stuttering is a good sign. :) 

How do I know if I'm dating the wrong person?

*Scratches head* Uh, it really depends on your "type".  If you're getting a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, that's a sign that the date might not go to well.  However, when dating, please, keep an open mind Focus on personality and not just looks.
I'm not the best at decifering this type of dating problem so click here for 8 signs that you're dating the wrong person.

If you have question that wasn't answered in the above, then please put it in the comment section below. I'll do my best to help you out. Thank you.


Interesting and Helpful Tips For High School Freshmen!

Alright, high school is a big step from junior high.  You have more homework and different teachers--not to mention some of them are a bit looney.  Some of your friends might be going to a different school than your are and etc, etc. Anyway, long story short, you're probably terrified about going to high school, especially your first day.  So here are few tips for preparing for this long 4-year long journey:

Go to the Open House!
It's a nice way to see the school before it's crowded with students and maybe seek out some possible new friends!  (Meeting some of the teachers wouldn't hurt either.)

Be prepared (emotionally and physically)
Of course, have all your supplies ready, but also make sure your emotions are in check, especially some of the dramatics.  Yes, it's okay to be sad--'cause let's face it, high school's rough!--, but don't bawl your eyes out because "everything from this point on is going to change!" or "I'm soo going to get beaten up!".  Puh-lease! Yeah, it will change, but that only happens if you allow it to.  And, for the love of Pete, just be wary of the stuff that leaves your mouth and keep your hands to yourself (aka NO FIGHTING) and you'll be fine.  Just be yourself.  High school isn't as bad as you think it is. (I know that sound totally cliche, but it's true!)  It just depends on the high school you go to.  If your attending a high school with a bad rep (Fighting, drugs, etc) just be careful with who you trust and be smart (remember say no to drugs and smoking).  Work hard in class and do all the studying and homework.  LIVE ABOVE THE EXPECTATIONS!

Okay as for the be prepared physically (Ew, okay, stop laughing, I know what you're thinking, alright? Don't be such a perv!), I'm talking about being in shape.  Reason 1: High schools are large! Lots of walking--and running, if you're late!  Backpacks are most likely going to be heavy, so brace yourself!  Reason 2: SPORTS! Wanna tryout for football?  Volleyball? Baseball? Soccer? Get into shape! Practice! You can't automatically gain muscle over summer break without trying.  So get out there and exercise! ;)

Set goals
It'll keep you focused and organized. It'll help you when you make choices down the road.

Step out of your comfort zone every once in a while
It doesn't hurt you if you go and ask that girl/guy out. It won't kill you if you asked if you could sit at their table.  But when I say "step out of your comfort zone every once in a while", be sensible about it.  It doesn't mean go try some weed that someone offered you, or crazy stuff like that.  Just small things like: changing your hair style, walking up to a random person and say "hey, I'm ___, what's your name?" It's actually kind of fun, and afterwards you become more confident and satisfied that you over came a fear of yours.

Set time away for friends and yourself
Organizing is harder than it seems in high school.  Sports, club meetings, homework, family time, friends' time, you time, studying time. . . It. Is. Crazy. Get a planner! It helps, tremendously.  Suggestion: Friday night, and Saterday is you/friend time, and Sun. Homework/Study time. 

Don't hold onto the past, be ready to let go. . .
Friends don't always stay friends "forever".  People change, better or worse, and move on.  I'm not saying that you and your old friends should part, but have an open mind, allow yourself to meet new people. Try new things: sports and clubs.  High school is like a new life, if there was something that you didn't like before, now is the time to change.  No one will know what you were like before, take this into your advantage.  Don't become hurt or angry that your friend(s) do the same and drift apart.  It's natural. Imbrace it, don't deface it.

Things To Remember
  1. Work hard!
  2. You're human, everyone makes mistakes!
  3. BE YOURSELF (only good, longlasting friends will stay with you because they like you for you!)
  4. Say no to drugs, smoking, etc. (in the long run, it'll be worth it, just think: you 10 years from now, successful and happy and then think about those who said yes, in the pits and unhappy...)
  5. Set goals (organization is key!)
  6. Be ready for change...
Questions? Comments? Don't hesitate to ask!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Opinion of Valentine From The Mortal Instruments! (SPOILERS)

Okay, by now you guys are probably sick of me talking about MI so much, so from this post on I promise I'll leave it be until the next book comes out. Okay? Okay. (If you wish to not read my opinion, then by all means, skip this post!)

So Valentine, to me, was a good man with insane views of the Clave and the Law. Yes, the Clave and the Law is "out-of-date", so to speak, but to turn away from family and to do all the horrible stuff he did to his fellow Shadowhunters is wrong.  He saw his experiments and his plan as something that would turn out good--at least, that's what he told himself.

I think that he wasn't as bad when he was younger. When Luke said that after his father's death (not his, but Valentine's) by a pack of werewolves he became a more short-tempered, and insane person. Doesn't that remind you of someone? King Henry VIII, perhaps? Henry and Valentine both became very different people after their fathers' deaths. You may not know this, but Henry's father wasn't the kindest man ever, he taxed the people of England heavily and things like that, and made Henry's life a living h-e-double-hocky-sticks during his years as a teenager. Henry was, in a way, imprisoned in him in his own home and was watched all the time and had very few people who were allowed to have visit him. It was like this until his father, Henry VII, died. And in as a result I think that's partly why Henry became the man that he was. He's most recent memories of his father were probably the feeling of loneliness and unloved, resentment and bitterness.
Death of a person you love can really change you, for better or for worse. And sadly, the worst came out of Valentine. So that's where, I think, his hatred towards Downworlders started and his obsession to take down the Clave came from.

A couple of reasons I believe Valentine was, in some ways, a good person is at the end of City of Glass, when he tells Clary about the past and how he feels about Jocelyn. He says that he searched for her because he still loved her--though he was looking for the Mortal Cup, so I highly doubt that he solely looked for her because he loved her.  He also said he was devistated when he found her and found out why she left him--she told him that she didn't want her second child to turn into a monster like her first, but what he didn't realize that she was also afraid of what he'd become--and knew that he'd never get her back as soon as Clary was born, even though he still loved her.
Also, when Jocelyn was telling her part of the past, she mentions that during her sleep state Valentine told her that during the end of their marriage he noticed she was unhappy, even though she pretended she wasn't, so he used angel blood, and grounded it up into her food to make her happier--apparently angel blood makes you feel bubbly.

And there's his relationship with Jace.  Jace said that at times, he was horrible, killing his pets and abused him, but other times, he showed him how to sail, taught him to be strong and clever, and showed him small acts of affection.  At the end of City of Glass, Valentine also tells Clary that he loved Jace's weaknesses, even though he shouldn't. 
I believe that Valentine truely loved Jace.  Sebastian/Jonathan was too evil and inhuman, too demon-like, and I think Valentine couldn't fully love him for it.  So I think Jace saved Valentine in a way.  Jace was more human like, and he therefore, was more of a son to Valentine.  Sebastian/Jonathan would always be loyal to Valentine and be the "indestructable" warrior that he always wanted, but Jace would always be the like son that I think Valentine, deep down, wanted as well, but could never have with his real son, Sabastian/Jonathan.  I think the time that Valentine shared with Jace, kept the good part of him alive.

My belief is that if you are truely evil you wouldn't be worrying about making your wife happy or whether she still loves you.  If you are truely evil, you wouldn't care about  a "weak" angel boy, who was never your son to began with.   No, Valentine was not an evil man, just a man with questionable morals and views. . .


New Year Resolution!

Okay, usually I make one New Year Resolution, but this year I'm making more.

-Get in shape
-Study for exams!
-make myself a better person (try to fix bad habits!)
-listen to others more

Hopefully I don't disappoint myself like I do every year. . .
So what is your New Year Resolution(s)?


Ever read Everlost. It's a Neal Shusterman novel.  Here's a description:

Nick and Allie don't survive the car accident, but their souls don't go where they're supposed to, either. Instead, they're caught halfway between life and death, in a sort of limbo known as Everlost: a shadow of the living world, filled with all the things and places that no longer exist.

I read it 2 years ago, with raw curiosity which then blossomed into a great interest and love for the book.  It's such an interesting concept.  The characters are really interesting and defined.  It's wonderful how Shusterman can make you see each of their views in the world and understand why they see it like that.   His writing style is unique: different, but easily comprehendable.  This is one of my favorite books and as of right now, I've started its sequel: Everwild.  I'm on Chapter 5. :)

[Picture found on
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If you are interested in buying Everlost (from Borders) please click here!

If you don't like to buy from Borders (they can be expensive) then click here!


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