Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wacom Intuos4 ( Medium) Help- Bundled Software and Etc.

 So for Christmas I received an Wacom Intuos4 (medium size) and I was totally excited. If you don't already know, I'm an art fanatic. I really want to be ambitious and learn as many different varieties of art--painting, photoshop, graphic design, etc. This tablet will let me experience a lot of neat things. I can't wait to work with it more.

However, even though I had the main tablet software installed, the bundled software that comes with it was a totally different story.  There are in all 6 different kinds of software to choose from, but you must choose 5 out of the 6.  I choose: Autodesk Sketchbook Express, Corel Painter Sketch Pad, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, and Wacom Brushes (goes with Photoshop).

Here are some tips:
 -Do not click "Run" when you reach the download list.  If it wants to link you to the internet to try to get you to download another piece of software to help it install, then that is RED FLAG all over.  Instead of clicking "Run" click "Save", and make sure to put it in a file where you can remember where they are.

-Once you get all the downloads saved in a good place, look at the names.  At the end, there should be either ".zip" or ".exe" at the end of each name.  For example, "corelsketchpad.exe" or "".  If you do not see these, then that means you will not be able to install the downloads properly.  But do not panic.  Sometimes certain web browsers do not save downloads correctly and the extensions get dropped.  All you have to do is  rename the download (right-click the name, add the extension, and presto!).  Please look below:

Add ".zip" to: 
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 
 Wacom Brushes 
Add ".exe" to:
Autodesk Sketchbook 
Corel Painter 
 Nik Color Efex 
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 

You'll know if these extensions worked if the little icon that is next to the download name changes for a white piece of paper to a icon that associates what the download does.

-double click on the download to get started with the installation.

-If you can't figure out what it means when it asks for a serial number during the installation process, go to your email and there should be a message titled "Licence Keys".  This message should contain the serial numbers you'll need to complete your installation.

A huge problem that this Intuos4 has are its nibs, the tips for the pen.  They wear down fast and I've found that the Quick Start guide does not tell you how to change nibs.  Youtube (good ol' Youtube :) ) does though:

And if you're having trouble figuring out how to change the ExpressKeys, there is a whole set of helpful videos on where else? Youtube!


For anymore help, you know where to ask! 

Good luck, tablet friends!



Wacom's Customer Care (via email)

Wacom Download FAQ

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are You Good at Fashion?

Because I need some assistance.  I have this dress:

And I also have lace black tights:

But I need to spice it up a little. . . I need help.

What should I add? I've got suede boots (black) that end above the ankle... But should I where a different color? Like a velvet red boot with some heel? Like this (kinda):

Not exactly the same boots, but close enough.

Necklace or scarf? And what color? What kind?

If you do have ideas, some pictures would be nice--just send/post me the the link in the comment section below. :)

Thanks guys. 


Monday, December 12, 2011

What Happened to "Once Upon A Time" Last Night?!

Holy crap! I'm really ticked off!! Seriously? They really had to kill Graham off? REALLY? Goshdarnit, right when Emma was actually letting go of her high horse, no-risk wall, they freaking messed it up!!!!!!! oduaweoharhiiewajdlkfd So frustrated. =__=

They better make up for the damage they've done this week.

I expect an excellent show Sunday, writers. YOU HEAR ME? It must be perfect!
So I said I was going to post a sneak peek to the upcoming chapter for Eminent Hearts...soooo here I go:

Psst : viewer discretion is advised. (In other words, there's no-no language in here. So don't read it if you can't handle it.)

“Cam, I said no.” I moaned as I stormed out of the theatre’s back door.

After the spotlight incident, I had revitalized my confidence and stayed firm as to not acknowledge the presence of Mr. Know-it-All.  I regret saying this, but the movie was surprisingly good for a zombie flick. At least it wasn’t a slasher film with body parts flying everywhere—that’s just tasteless. This one had a little more flavor with its plotline and special effects.

As soon as the movie was over, I got up and left. There was no chance in hell that I would stick around to talk to the Ass any longer. 

And I certainly wasn’t going to take my chances by going to the after-party.

“Please?” Cam pleaded like a child. She even had her hands clasped together and shook them desperately as if that would change my mind.

“No,” I growled, “you said premiere. You never said after-party. So stop asking me to go!”

“Chris,” Cam whined, “Nikki wants you to go.”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass what Nikki wants. Can we please go home?!”

“It’s part of the package. You have to go!”





“Stop it! I’m not going!”

“Yes, you are or we’re not going to Maine!”

I moaned. You may think I’m really gullible; I’m not.  I just know my sister. And she’s good to her word—threat or promise.

Closing my eyes and rubbing my temples, I responded softly, “Okay, you win.”

“Booyah!” She cheered and then pounced on me with a hug.

I hung my head in defeat.

 “But only for an hour..” I added reluctantly.

I hate you, Nikki. I hate you sooo much.

Much editing to do! Not the final. :P  

I take waaaay to long to write. So again, I apologize for the slowness.

I feel like I have something else to say, but I can't remember.. poop. All well! Maybe I'll remember tomorrow. ;)



Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bittersweet Shopping

In essence, I hate shopping.  I'm seriously a frugal person, so it's really hard for me to go out and buy stuff because I think everything is expensive.  Anything over that looks like it's overprized--like an off the shoulder sweatshirt that is $30--I usually don't buy.  Basically anything that looks good and that I'll wear on for more than one occasion... aaaand that's less than 20 bucks is a garuntee-buy for me.

Shopping is like exercising; I have to warm up to get into it.

Oh, I found this sweater that I really really like! Let's see if I can find a pictuuuure...

Not the exact sweater, but it's the same color.  I like it. And it was $10!

Clearance clothes are a girl's best friend. Forget diamonds. 


Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Late Birthday, Blog!

ARGH!  I wish I had more time yesterday. But all well, better late than never.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bloggy!
-1) I just now checked Formspring and it has been updated! Yaay!
-2) Keep commenting! Ask questions! If any are good, I'll make them an official post!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Missed You

Good news. I'm not depressed anymore! :)


New Year's Eve movie looks absolutely awful.  If you can recall the review I did for Valentine's Day...Yeah, I garuntee it's going to be bad. Scout's honor.
So I've been working on two stories. 1) Eminent Hearts 2)Diary of a Broken Soul 
They are both love stories.  Here are the summaries:

Eminent Hearts
While many people would kill to be a part of the Hollywood scene, there are a few who see it differently. Chriselda "Chris" Meade, a popular young actress, would kill to get out of her hectic life of nonstop paparazzi and crazy working schedule. When a mysterious new actor, Aaron Quinn, comes around, the whole media-centered world gets drawn into his nonchalant charm. Chris won't buy it and avoids him as much as she can.

But Chris can't avoid him for long when she is left with no choice but to date him! Will this relationship become a huge disaster? Or will it become something that is unexpected?

Diary of a Broken Soul
Evelyn Maybell has had a hard life since a very young age. She's seen many things; things that a young 17 year old should never see. That's why she, her mom, Joanne, and Stacey the cat decide to move away from Florida, and begin a renewed life in Seattle.

But what happens when she starts falling for a boy who will bring her right back into the painful memories of her past? Will she have the power to leave him? Or Will things spiral back to the way they were before?

UPDATED: Oops, forgot to post the link!
Tomorrow is going to be my blog's 2nd birthday. I'm really excited. :D 

Till then!


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