Sunday, May 20, 2012

100% True Tricks and Tips for Acne, Blackheads, and Cysts!

So this is it! I'm going to reveal some of secrets on how to get acne-ridden skin! Here are my top favs:


Oh yeah, man, I'm not joking. What I've found over the last couple years is that natural remedies, stuff that your grandma might have done back in the day, totally works today! So here's how it works, if you feel a pimple coming then whip out an ice cube and hold it to the sore. (Remember that this can be dangerous if you leave it on for too long. So take many breaks, especially when it starts to get numb.) Keep treating the spot for 5 minutes.  (If the size of the spot got smaller then it's working!) Now take a cotton ball and some lemon juice and place a few drops onto the cotton.  hold the cotton to the spot and let it sit there and absorb for 5 more minutes.  (If you feel it starting to itch, that's good because the sore is reacting to the lemon juice!) Now keep in mind this isn't always going to work for all spots.  Cysts will not react the same way as pimples because a cyst is basically a how bunch of pimples in one! Also, it this treatment only works at its best when you feel the pimple coming, not when it actually has developed.


Cysts are the worst, and if you've never had them thank your lucky stars you haven't.   I've had my fair share of cysts. My worst was last year and it stayed on the tip of my nose for over a month!  I tried everything, but nothing worked.  I finally did some research and found from the little information that was there that unless you wanted to spend huge bucks with a dermatologist, it's best to fight it with a lot of acne treatment.  You have to out-think the enemy.  So when I feel like a cyst is coming on, and yes they do have a different feeling that reg. pimples, I immediately bring out the heavy stuff.

  • have multiple kinds of acne treatment--different brands, etc--and alternate every day.  Do NOT follow a pattern!  Be spontaneous! 
  • NEVER EVER put lotion or moisturizer on the cyst, it will make it grow and last longer!
  • Don't touch it and especially don't pop it! It will retaliate and give you a huge breakout. 
  • Switch up facial soaps and avoid scrubs of any kind until the blemish is cleared up
Cysts last the longest. So even with all this heavy-duty treatment, it will remain for as long as a week and a half. Eww.


...are a complete life saver.  Over the years, I've been dealing with more and more stress which has unfortunately allowed me to contract body acne.  It mostly consists on my back and a little on my chest, but it's humiliating.  I already avoid wearing tight clothing and sleeping with my hair down, but I've found that fabric softener is a major contributor to my problem.  Fabric softener has a waxy residue that coats washed clothes and for those with sensitive skin, it can cause breakouts.  Using dryer ball is alternative way of eliminating this problem.  Basically you place them in your dryer and run around your clothes, cutting down drying time and making clothes softer than before! I suggest getting at most 6 dryer balls.  Do not use them on delicates or any large pore-y clothing.  As of now, I'm completely body acne free! I haven't had trouble ever since I started using this method. 

Good luck, everyone! I'll have more tips up soon!


** I was not paid or asked to endorse any products mentioned in this post.**

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